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  1. So that's it? No replies at all? Definitely won't be recommending this to anyone.
  2. Hey there, Apologies for the late reply. Had a very busy week and did not realise that I had forgotten to turn on email notifications for this thread. All following steps have been executed on my other Windows 7 machine, with the latest updates. Here is what I did in chronological order, with all .exe files ran as administrator: Enabled the "Collect enhanced event log data for support (not recommended) option under the "Application Tab" under the Settings option in the Hamburger menu Ran an FRST scan Ran MB-Check Ran MB-Clean Rebooted Twice Installed the latest Malwarebytes after checking there were no remnants Rebooted The issue still occurs. I have attached all required information this time (hopefully!). Apologies for missing out this eariler. Files: Addition.txt FRST.txt mb_setup.log MBAMSERVICE.LOG mb-check-results.zip mb-clean-results.txt mb-clean-results-post-reboot.txt Expired.png
  3. The link to the version of MB clean I used was in the "Malwarebytes 3" subforum... I just tried that (what you said, using new version of MB-Clean but unfortunately it did not solve the issue. Thanks for your persistent help so far.
  4. Any progress? Or will I be forced to make a formal complaint? It is MONEY in question here
  5. @dcollins @Firefox @nikhils Done. See attached zip file. Thanks for your help so far. mb-check-results.zip
  6. There is no option for Event Log Data as far as I can see. I looked everywhere but cannot see it.
  7. Done, apologies. I read that post earlier and forgot some of the points.
  8. ...after updating payment options which have never been changed. I am very confused as to why this is required. --- Dear Community, After 1 year of using Malwarebytes with a paid subscription for two computers, as expected the paid subscription expired on both computers, which should be shown in the program. However, I was asked to "Update my payment information" instead in the program (See First.png and attached to this post). So, I clicked on the button to do this, and was lead to Screen1.png attached to this post. I was lead to a webpage where I updated my payment options. See Proof.png attached to this post. Despite this, the message never went away. So, I used Malwarebytes Cleaner with the official guide and uninstalled Malwarebytes, rebooted my PC, re-installed Malwarebytes, then rebooted my PC once more. The message still did not go away. Eventually this lead to the program downgrading itself (See Second.png and Third.png attached to this post). As a consumer I have tried everything I can and this is unacceptable. Please respond and help accordingly. My money is at question here. Kind Regards, sjain EDIT: Attached logs and put images in a spoiler which are automatically inserted into the post and cannot be removed. mb-check-results.zip Addition.txt FRST.txt
  9. No comment at all. Absolutely useless forum.
  10. Hey community, I play games like Counter-Strike 1.6 and Counter-Strike Global Offensive. When I play 1.6, as I open the server browser, malwarebytes as intended blocks all the server IP addresses which host malicious content. However, the notification pulls me straight out of the game onto the desktop. Same with CS:GO, when the server (which requires cl_disablehtmlmotd to be 0) displays ads on the MOTD to make money for maintaining the server. When a "dodgy" ad site comes up, it is blocked, however the notification again pulls me out of the game, which is obviously not ideal if in a firefight etc. Looking in the notification settings, there are only two very broad options ("Show notifications when protection layers are turned off", and "Enable notifications") Now, I would like to receive a notification on my desktop if a malicious program is blocked from running, as it gives me peace of mind. However, when malwarebytes blocks a malicious website, it is shown in the browser, and I am confident that it is blocked. So I would prefer not to have a notification when malwarebytes blocks a malicious website. So my request is more options for notifications in the settings menu, e.g. toggles for malicious website blocking notifications, ransomware blocking notifications, and malware blocking notifications. Otherwise, I am loving Malwarebytes 3. It is very seamless, easy to use but advanced. Thanks devs for the effort. Kind regards, sjain
  11. SOLVED: Download and run Malware-Bytes Anti-Malware Cleaner (full uninstaller) Restart Install MBAM Restart A file named "mb-licenseinfo.txt" was dropped to your desktop. Use the key inside to activate the software if you previously had it. Restart for safe measure
  12. So I download a file. I press CTRL + J in Chrome to get to the downloads view. Then, under that download, I press "Show in folder" But MBAM, with the "Exploit Protection" option being enabled under the "Protection" tab in Settings, force closes chrome with a notification that an exploit was prevented. This does not happen in Windows 7, but only on my Windows 10 computer. I disabled exploit protection for "Google Chrome (and plug-ins)", but the issue persists. I am using Windows 10 1703 (Creators update) fully updated, with "sfc /scannow" in admin CMD returning no integrity violations. If I disable exploit protection completely, there is a horrible red warning sign on the icon which I do not like... any ideas? note I have QTabBar for Windows Explorer installed. This issue persisted when I was on 1607 with MBAM 2 and MB Anti-Exploit (Anniversary Update)
  13. How do I install Malwarebytes 3 without losing my licence if my 2.x version isn't detecting the app update? Literally all there is to it. I hate to have a post lacking content, but it seems straightforwards. Thanks MBAM team, just having this installed gives me full peace of mind (no sarcasm)
  14. As a side note the "Antimalware service executable" uses 200MB RAM, and I google other topics and searched on this forum but none helped
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