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  1. Is anyone else having this problem as of today??? At around 10:30 am Central time on January 27, 2018, my Dell laptop Precision 2800 with Windows 7 froze. It was obvious the hard drive was running at near full speed and using 98% of my 8GB memory. Trying to search for the cause was impossible as it was frozen on my desktop. When it was obvious that it wasn't going to change I had to do a hard shutdown by removing the battery. After starting the Malwarebytes icon in the tray was showing an old problem that hadn't shown up in a long time: The protection for the web browser was turned off and could not be turn on manually. I was able to exit malwarebytes but it turned back on. As soon as the red warning symbol showed up on top of the icon, the computer went into overdrive again. Again, I had to do a hard shutdown. Upon startup I went in to services.msc and disabled Malwarebytes. On startup everything was fine. In the meantime my wife informed me that her fairly new Dell desktop with Windows 10 was "showing a blue screen". I went it and thankfully it wasn't the BSofD. It simple showed that windows did not start correctly. I restarted her computer and came back to my laptop. Not wanting to jump to conclusions, I decided to turn back on malwarebytes and restart laptop. Sure enough, the exact same thing happened. After the 3rd hard shutdown and restart I disabled malwarebytes and restarted. Now, after about 45 minutes the computer is doing fine. Shortly thereafter my wife informed me that the blue screen was back on her Windows 10 desktop. I went in and found the same thing. Upon restarting, I noticed that the malwarebytes tray icon has the red warning symbol. I checked and it was the same as my laptop: Browser protection was not running. I went into services.msc and disabled malwarebytes. Problem solved. No "blue screen" anymore. To me it's obvious that some sort of update to malwarebytes caused this problem as after disabling malwarebytes I was able to keep computers running long enough to check for other updates. (Obviously I can't check for any malwarebytes updates because it's disabled.) I have my Windows 7 laptop updates set to "notify only" and I will download and update. I check my Norton and no updates since early morning, and I had been using my laptop nearly 4 hours before the problem started. I have no other protection software besides Norton and Malwarebytes. So, again, has anyone else seen this problem today??????
  2. I just got a blocked ransomware attack which said it was an “explorer.exe”. The popup said it had been quarantined but when I opened Anti-ransomware there was nothing in the quarantine. So not sure how to report this as it doesn’t fit into any guidelines I found. I was connected to the Internet but was not online at the time. In fact, I was just finishing up with a full backup. So don’t know if this means anything to you but wanted to report. Look forward to the finished product so I can purchase to go with my regular Malwarebytes Anti-malware subscription. I have anti-ransomware version PS: I have Norton Security also.
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