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  1. Is anyone else having this problem as of today??? At around 10:30 am Central time on January 27, 2018, my Dell laptop Precision 2800 with Windows 7 froze. It was obvious the hard drive was running at near full speed and using 98% of my 8GB memory. Trying to search for the cause was impossible as it was frozen on my desktop. When it was obvious that it wasn't going to change I had to do a hard shutdown by removing the battery. After starting the Malwarebytes icon in the tray was showing an old problem that hadn't shown up in a long time: The protection for the web browser was turned off an
  2. I just got a blocked ransomware attack which said it was an “explorer.exe”. The popup said it had been quarantined but when I opened Anti-ransomware there was nothing in the quarantine. So not sure how to report this as it doesn’t fit into any guidelines I found. I was connected to the Internet but was not online at the time. In fact, I was just finishing up with a full backup. So don’t know if this means anything to you but wanted to report. Look forward to the finished product so I can purchase to go with my regular Malwarebytes Anti-malware subscription. I have anti-ransomware ver
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