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  1. Clarification, please: At this MWB Forum FAQ url: https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/191650-malwarebytes-3-frequently-asked-questions/#comment-1077438 ...pbust says, "Microsoft’s traditional antivirus Windows Defender is included by default and for free with Windows 8 and 10, and is a useful additional layer alongside Malwarebytes 3.0." I have MWB Premium, and it appears that on my Win10 PC, Malwarebytes Premium automatically turn off Windows Security's Virus and Threat Protection services. If I click on Windows Security's Virus and Threat Protection, it says Malwarebytes is turned on. And, if I open Services as an Administrator, 1) Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection Service is set to Manual. (If i try to change this to "Automatic", I get "Access Denied".) 2) Windows Defender Antivirus Network Inspection Service is Disabled. (If I open its Properties, startup type "Disabled" is greyed out - I cannot make any changes.) 3) Windows Defender Antivirus Service is set to Manual. (If I open its Properties, startup type "Manual" is greyed out - I cannot make any changes.) How can Windows Defender's Windows Security's Virus and Threat Protection be used as a "useful additional layer alongside MWB 3.0", if MWB disables it? Many Thanks,
  2. Windows support for Win7 is ending a a few weeks. Where are instructions on how to handle Malwarebytes Premium ver 4.0.3 beta during update to Windows 10? With millions of Win7 users about to face upgrading very soon, there should be an easily-found set of instructions on your support site, for MWB licensees to follow. Do I have to open Malwarebytes and deactivate my license key, before I upgrade to Win10? Does MWB advise doing a simple Win10 in-place upgrade, or a complete reformat/virgin installation of Win10? If I do an in-place upgrade, will Malwarebytes 4.0.3 beta still run when I boot up Windows 10, so I can simply re-open MWB and choose "Activate"? Otherwise, If I'm required to uninstall MWB 4.0.3 beta before upgrading to Win10, how do I reinstall MWB after the upgrade? Do I have to download an installer from the MWB website? Will the new MWB installer accept my valid license key from the prior MWB installation? Will it automatically upgrade me to MWB 2.0.3.beta? Upgrading to Win10 will leave my PC exposed to the Internet without malware protection, until I successfully reinstall or reactivate MWB under Win10. At what earliest point in the Win10 upgrade process, can/should I reinstall/reactivate MWB? This is important since the upgrade will probably trigger a lot of internet activity to find newer versions of installed programs, drivers, etc.
  3. Horror stories suggest that the simple act of plugging a malware-infected flash drive into a PC, can instantly infect that PC. Am I correct in understanding that Malwarebytes will completely eliminate the possibility of that kind of infection...as soon as the thumb drive is inserted, will it detect the malware on the flash drive, block it from being transferred to the PC, and give the user the option to isolate, or completely remove it, from the flash drive? Alternatively, if Malwarebytes detects malware on the flash drive, which approach is safest: (1) have Malwarebytes remove the malware from the flash drive, or (2) simply reformat the flash drive?
  4. FINAL UPDATE: After 3 months, no further problems since using 'Delay Real-Time Protection'.
  5. It's been a week and so far MWB is behaving perfectly, using 'Delay Real-Time Protection'. Good sign!
  6. Many Thanks, LT: I set the delay to the default per your suggestion. Tme will tell if it works. If the issue reappears I'll update this thread, try a longer delay, see what happens, etc.
  7. Many Thanks - Attached are two log files, whose names depict the fact that one was generated at some point during the most recent sequence of repair attempts, while the other was generated just now, a day later, with Malwarebytes all repaired and functioning OK. I hope this helps.
  8. I rely on Malwarebytes, and In several years of constant use, MWB has always protected my PC from malware incursions - I have had no problems, and I like to think it's an excellent anti-malware utility. However, every few months, upon startup, Malwarebytes 3.7.1 reports that Realtime Protection is mysteriously Turned Off. This immediately makes me worry if the program has somehow been hacked, and evil forces have disabled realtime protection on purpose. Each time, I re-download and re-run the MB Support Tool. Sometimes it runs, restarts my PC, reappears, and progress animations show it reinstalling MWB, and the program is automatically fixed. Other times, when it restarts the PC, the Support Tool window reappears, but with no animation...the tool appears to be frozen, but Windows Task Manager says it's 'running'. This condition continues, with no further progress, until I force the Tool to quit, reboot, and re-run the Support Tool several times, before it finally fixes MWB. None of this exactly boosts my user confidence in MWB. I wish the Support Staff would explain why these mysterious realtime protection turnoffs occur, and offer some plausible reassurance that the defect that requires repeat usage of the MB Support tool to repair the program, (hopefully) does not necessarily mean that malicious hackers have somehow turned off realtime protection.
  9. The support tool does work, but not without some caveats, from my experience. This morning, after I booted my Win7 PC, my CPU jumped to 100% and my computer froze up solid, requiring a reboot. After the second reboot, Malwarebytes Premium 3.6.1 produced an alarming popup warning that malware protection was OFF. This is the second time in two months that Malwarebytes' malware protection button became mysteriously turned off upon morning bootup, and THAT CONCERNS ME. I opened Malwarebytes, entered my security password, and sure enough, the malwarebytes protection button was OFF, and it could not be turned back ON, not even by using the TURN ON button in the Malwarebytes popup. So I downloaded the Malwarebytes support tool "mb-support-" from your support page and ran it. It did something, then told me to restart, to complete the repair. When I restarted, Malwarebytes was no longer installed on my PC...not listed under Programs and Features! And the Support Tool did not automatically restart. So I manually re-ran the support tool. This time, It said, "Running Repair Process" but gave no spinning ball or other indication that it was actually doing anything, although Windows Task Manager showed it as "running". After ten minutes, I was still waiting. So I rebooted, and this time, realizing it might matter, I logged in as Admin. This time, the support tool successfully repaired (reinstalled) Malwarebytes with all protections turned ON. THIS IS NOT A GOOD SCENARIO. This does not give me confidence in Malwarebytes to have it occasionally have its malware protection turned off, mysteriously, and need to be 'repair-reinstalled' to restore my malware protection. It would help if you could give some kind of credible, reassuring explanation as to how/why this happens and why it does not constitute a breach in protection. Also, your repair instructions above do not specify that the user needs to be logged in as Admin in order to ensure that the tool will do its job. If that is the case, you might consider adding that important bit of info to the instructions. Otherwise I love the program; MWB works absolutely fine and in the past 4 years I have never had a malware incident (other than that it detected and blocked numerous malware-infested websites.)
  10. Just wondering when you guesstimate that we might see Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware incorporated into Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Home Premium - how about posting an update?
  11. I see that after I reboot, Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit does not start until I manually launch it. Why does it not automatically start upon every boot-up? I don't see any settings to force it to auto-run on boot-up. What procedure does Malwarebytes recommend?
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