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  1. ExpertNovice - I just wanted to point out that the suspected Silverlight issue did no have to do with it being installed on my computer but rather that a Silverlight upgrade had been performed on the site I was accessing. That said, I'm no longer convinced that was the true (or only) cause. One would expect the Silverlight upgrade to produce the Anti-Exploit alert once, the first time the upgraded site was accessed. However, I continue to have intermittent occurrences of the Anit-Exploit alert. My network admin and I are now beginning to think it is a conflict with other security packa
  2. Hi Ron, From taking a look at the Known Issues & Conflicts page, I'm now fairly well convinced that the likely cause of the alert is related to the known issue having to do with Silverlight upgrades. Although I wasn't accessing Netflix, I was accessing a custom web site we developed that just underwent an Silverlight upgrade. I have not been able to reproduce the alert - it happened just the one time and I've accessed the same site multiple times since then. Unless I get more alerts, I am going to assume this was the cause. I do appreciate your response and the help of oth
  3. Uploading image as JPG instead of PNG as Dave suggests (although the file attachment tool says says PNG files are an accepted file type). Thanks Dave
  4. Kept getting "upload failed" when trying to attach the screens shot of the MBAE popup (png format), so will abandon that effort. All the relevant details are described in the text of the original post anyway.
  5. This morning I received an anti-exploit alert with "File/Process Blocked" and "Attacking URL" both saying "N/A." Specifically, the alert says it's "Internet Explorer (and add-ons)," Protection Layer: "Application Hardening," and Protection Technique: "Exploit blocked by Anti-HeapSpray Enforcement". I would like to know the root cause, as I have not recently updated any software on the computer (at least knowingly) and was running standard tests mostly against internal (intranet) sites, so I am posting my MBAE logs as recommended. Thanks in advance for your help. Malwarebyt
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