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  1. So is it any value to me to have MWB free?
  2. Its like a free navigator that misses out some road junctions (they dont tell you which) unless you pay them. An anti-malware that that doesn't protect you against some malware (it doesn't tell you which), unless you pay up! What does that sound like?
  3. I had assumed that malwarebytes free would protect me from all the bugs going round. Now I see that it doesn't protect me from WanaCrypt0r. Whats the use of MWB then? What else does it not protect me from? Am I wasting my time using it???
  4. OK thanks. I'll be vigilant about installing anything. I used 360 security which also found these bugs and also had means of locating and disabling them, which I did.
  5. I bought a used smartphone. Its not rooted ;I checked with a couple of apps. I reset the phone to factory condition. Mbytes reports two items android/trojan.Becuro and android/pup.adware.air push.HFA. When I try to remove them mob says play store then unsuccessful. can these be a security threat? I can't see them in all apps.
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