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  1. No, just incompetents / drunks added several things to the blacklist, several things that shouldn't have been added to the blacklist.
  2. Am I going to receive a refund for the laptop screen that was left in "idle" and burned out as a side effect of this "bug" ? Or should I force a refund of the program? The memory leak is happening simply because they blacklisted their own update servers, so much for that "hard to spot" part.
  3. uninstall, refund it from paypal / your bank, then get a different anti malware solution. that's because you're too lazy to click on the first topic of this forum, they already replied over an hour ago.
  4. I also happen to know that I BLOCKED all major program updates for malwarebytes, same with OS updates, so yes updates on my side are all completely disabled. How can I not possibly know that if I haven't updated my program since ... 5 months ago? (literally the version number should tell you that) As for "something" that has changed, it's simple, somehow the update servers have been blacklisted by mbam, so whenever the app is trying to update it's databases it's constantly blocking them.
  5. How are people supposed to read this if all web traffic is blocked?
  6. it's not a version issue, I haven't updated my main program (still using 3.1.2) and I have this issue. Told a friend about it he's like "man, mbam is not broken, you just broke your pc by doing something, I use version 3.3.1 and don't have issues", 5 minutes later he tells me "yo wtf is going on, mbam just froze my laptop and my pc, 3gb usage on memory on laptop then it crashes it" So the version of the program is NOT an issue, stop spreading that stuff around
  7. There is nothing in common, I was playing a random old game (hl2 ep2) and had this issue. Afterwards I remembered I left my laptop back at home to defrag, and when I went to connect via teamviewer, I couldn't connect, called my parents and apparently the screen wasn't even turning on anymore. Apparently this issue managed to fry my display.
  8. To everyone having this issue, immediately uninstall the antivirus and keep it uninstalled. The ONLY way to keep it turned off is to uninstall it. - Keeping it disabled on startup won't help. - Killing it from task manager won't do anything Uninstall it immediately and don't get on any "unsafe" sites until the issue gets fixed.
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