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  1. False positive report. We use a product called Copitrak for managing printer usage, and routing of scans to a local folder. One of the files is a process monitor (lrprocmon.exe) which is attached. Ran it through a few other scans, all seems fine. It quarantined the file and asked me to reboot. I rebooted and then it came up again because apparently we have a script running that pushes those files to a folder on the local drive every time you boot. Asked me to reboot again. After that I was going to perform an exclusion but then I noticed the protection was disabled and I couldn't enable i
  2. Experienced the same issue yesterday. Wouldn't start, wouldn't fix. Before this, same day, I experienced a false positive of which I'm going to report in a separate post. Of reboot of the machine did not resolve this issue. Also, because of the false positive, I tried to create and exclusion. It allowed me to pick the file but it failed to show up in the exclusion list. Fast forward to today. Nothing changed as far as I know. I just booted the machine up and the program is running normal and protection is again enabled with no involvement on my part. I was then able to properly add the ex
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