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  1. Now after downloading Adblocker Browser app still redirecting happening...goes to gocloudly, maxonclick then these will be blocked aften redirecting. Finally I am not able to visit the website!!
  2. Thanks a lot for your prompt reply. I downloaded adblocker browser app from play store. I feel its working fine now. Is this app ok or should I download Adblock plus? And I have one more doubt. I am using a wifi connection for my pc and mobile. In my pc also I noticed some problems during browsing. Usually in a web page for selecting a link the mouse pointer changes to hand symbol no. But in mine from few days, its not changing to that and I am unable to select that link. When I click with that pointer it will redirect to different website. Two times this redirect happens while clicking and 3rd time this pointer will change to hand symbol and only the 3rd time I can select that link. Is there any possibility of my wifi or connection getting hacked?. If so how can I get rid of that? I am using kaspersky Internet security in my pc for long time. Waiting for your most valuable advise... Thank you.
  3. I am using Samsung galaxy S4. Now I am fed up and frustrated with this redirecting malwares while browsing. The sites it leads to are gocloudly.com and maxonclick.com . Tried various solutions given in various websites, YouTube, downloaded malwarebyte app and scanned but shows no malwares detected. What should I do??? Please help...
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