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  1. Ok Update: Reset CMOS by pushing and holding black button on back of board for 5 seconds while powered off, Put jumper on JBAT1 and left on for about 3 minutes while powered off. Took jumper off plugged power cord in and started computer. Did not change a thing. System is still very very slow. Sits at black screen with either A2 or A3 bottom right hand corner for about 15 minutes then slowly boots into bios then goes to the starting windows screen where it gets stuck. I finally was able to get it to boot to USB. Apparently PowerISO is not best at making such bootable usb or I just did it wrong. But I used a different program suggested by someone else and was able to do it again and it worked! So was able to boot the Hiren CD. Again booting thru the bios and loading Hiren CD takes almost an hour to complete. After getting into Hiren I ran the MbrFix to try to fix the MBR. Afterwards I was going to use Malwarebytes but it didnt find any of my hard drives. So rebooted into bios changed to IDE sata. Rebooted to usb. Got into Hiren's ran the Malwarebytes. Ran the scan thru the night since it was taking so long, took 5 hours to complete. Found 13, (remove selected). Restarted and went into bios, changed all to default, saved and reboot without usb. Now same issue as before. Nothing has changed. When attempting a command prompt in safe mode, the process takes in all about an hour if not longer to finally get to the command prompt. Once it loads the command prompt it gives me about max 2 or 3 minutes if that before the computer reboots itself with or without me executing any commands. Windows 7. I wanna say its either the Home or Ultimate unsure which one. I have the install disk somewhere. I'd have to look for it as I just moved into a new home and things are still in disarry. I've been looking for it this entire time during this process and have been unable to find it. I do have a friend with a Windows 7 disk I could borrow I believe. The backup situation for this computer is very bad. I have not performed a backup on this computer in years. Very bad I know. I never thought id have a problem with this computer since only games and windows were on my SSD. However I've added photos and other programs on the same drive now since things always recommending C: as their installation folder, I just went with the flow I guess. Yes that is me as well. I posted in several forums to find the most active forums with the best help. Yes I finally was able to get Hirens to work. I will open Hiren's and go to Windows Explorer and find the Minidump folder. Does Hiren's come with winrar or winzip installed? Or will I have to copy the file to the USB then zip it on running pc? If copying to USB on broken PC, will I be able to copy to the same USB that Hiren's is running off of or will it have to be a different usb in a different port? Thank you very much for both of your replies!!
  2. Thank you for your reply 1PW but I'm not sure how to perform such task of u can not access command prompt or Windows.
  3. I have a Z87-g45 gaming motherboard and I can't get it to boot to usb. My computer completely crashed after I ran hitman and malewarbytes. I ran both scans and each told me a restart was needed so I waited for both to finish since they both required a restart. Prob was not good idea since now my computer won't boot at all. Once I was prompted of a failed startup I chose to restart from last known good configuration. It just got hung on the starting Windows screen for over 3 hours. So I tried changing the bios to ufei instead of legacy+ufei and tried to see if that helped. It didn't. I've tried restoring bios to defaults to see if it helped it did not. Stuck on loading Windows screen. I took the battery out of the mother board and left it out for 5 mins and tried to start it. Same thing stuck on loading Windows. After trying to load to safe mode with network and without network and trying to load to command prompt and it all still getting stuck I decided to go purchase a new computer to try to get some recovery software to try to fix the problem. So my first choice of programs to try is Hiren. I downloaded Hiren and it was an iso file. So I formatted my usb thumbnail to Fat32 and used PowerISO to burn the Hiren ISO to the usb. (Using the create bootable usb option) after it was finished burning to the usb. I removed it from computer and put it into broken PC. Booted PC up and push F10 till I got to the bios. Changed boot priority to #1 uefi usb #2 usb. Saved changes and restarted. Went to stuck loading Windows screen. Power off, power on F10 changed bios from uefi+legacy to just uefi and booted usb first priority. Saved and rebooted. Went to stuck loading Windows screen. Figured I'd just try to see if command promp would work. Power off, power on F10 changed to default bios settings saved and restarted. Windows failed to load restart with command promp. Stuck on Windows loading screen but it finally worked and I was in command promp. Trying several commands to figure out what drive the usb was and looking on Google trying to find list of commands to use with command prompt. The computer automatically just restarted and I didn't even execute any command. Now unsure I can get to command prompt again. Tried rebooting again and again about 4 or 5 times and get stuck on Windows loading screen and no option of boot to command prompt. I can get to efi shell easily but don't think that's gonna help me with what I need. I honestly don't know what I should run off of hirens even if I do get it to run. I'll use to research Google as I go. My biggest problem is trying to get the usb to load then if someone would like to walk me to diagnose the problem id be forever grateful! Please help me. I've repaired computers that have crashed before but this is first time this computer with this motherboard has crashed and I just can't get it to do right and it's been killing many days just watching a stuck screen. Please! TY in advance!
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