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  1. No problem. If I have a problem and I find I fix I'll share it with others.
  2. PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS FIX MAY NOT WORK FOR YOU. PLEASE TRY REMOVING MALWAREBYTES WITH THE CLEAN TOOL AND REINSTALLING IT USING AN ADMINISTRATOR ACCOUNT. IF THAT DOES NOT WORK THEN USE THIS FIX. Steps: 1>Open your advanced Windows Firewall settings. 2>Navigate to outbound rules. 3>You should now see 3 rules called "MBAM." Right click on them and select properties then select allow the connection and press "OK." DO THIS FOR ALL 3 RULES! You should now be able to update Malwarebytes.
  3. UPDATE/FIXED: I managed to fix this issue. For anyone who wants help fixing this this is how i did it. 1> Go to your advanced windows firewall settings. 2>Click on outbound rules 3>Go into the properties and select "Allow the connection" and press ok. Do this for all 3 rules. It should look like this. 4> Restart your computer and Malwarebytes should now update.
  4. So my laptop came with windows 8.1 preinstalled and i downgraded to windows 7. I started to install all my programs but when in installed malwarebytes it said unable to access update server. i have no viruses, pups etc as it is a fresh install. Ive tired removing and reinstalling malwarebytes and tried installing it when using the administrator account and none of this has worked. Can someone help me fix the problem.
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