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  1. Since 9/28/17, I have periodically getting reports that MW has blocked a malicious outgoing website. FRST.txt Addition.txt MWB Rep 11262017_1.txt MWB Rep 11262017_2.txt MWB Rep 11262017_3.txt
  2. I downloaded Chrome and have been using it, but no attacks. I also uninstalled and reinstalled Firefox, just in case. It is still happening with Firefox.
  3. File is attached. I sincerely appreciate your help. Julie D MWB LOG 08262016.txt
  4. It looks like something on my computer tries to attack any website that I go to. Am I going to get help on this?
  5. Well, I keep getting notifications from malwarebytes that it is blocking an outbound malicious website (f.asdfzxcv1312.com). I would say I have received 30 or so today. Seems like it is never going to stop. And I would be happy to make a donation.
  6. I am getting persistent attacks from a website and need help stopping this. I do have Malwarebytes, the paid version. Addition.txt FRST.txt
  7. I have found help on your site, so please disregard this post made in the wrong forum.
  8. The program has been continuously giving warnings about a website (f.asdfzxcv1312.com). Do I need to do something? The message is that a malicous outboud website has been blocked. Thanks! Log.txt
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