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  1. Hi @mrmickguitar Maria from Malwarebytes Support here. I've fixed this for you. You should be able to activate again. Just like @exile360 mentioned, you can now manage your devices from your account. I've sent an invitation to your email so you can set up your account and use this functionality directly from your account. Let me know if it works and don't doubt to dm me if you need anything else!
  2. Hello @tak I'm the Malwarebytes Support Team Lead and I want first to apologize for the answer you received. I listened to the call myself and I can say your complaint was justified. Now, Adding the time to your Key is possible and I'll be adding the time to your Key. Please check your PMs for confirmation. Additionally to this, further coaching and training will be provided, so a situation like this won't happen again. Thank you for bringing this to our attention!
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