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  1. Hi just wondering if there have been any thoughts for a portable USB installation method (instead of having to make a bootable CD for each update). Dont run away when I mention Linux, that obviously would need a specialist programmer for that OS, and I know we dont need it for linux OS, but it would be very useful to run for instance from a USB stick installation of Linux to scan a windows PC that is infected without having to boot the infected windows. Suggested solution..... Portable MBAM, and Wine, on a really cut down linux, Puppy?, running MBAM via wine would negate a linux specific version, but probably needs a portable version of MBAM which runs from its source folder in the root of the USB (ie not within the distro so that it can also be accessed via windows to update the definitions and portable MBAM itself) and finds all necessary files/updates within the same. I had thoughts along the lines of a windows based USB stick (If thats possible, the best workable of that I have seen is here http://www.ngine.de/index.jsp?pageid=4176) but linux on USB would be so much easier.
  2. Sorry it was Giant antispyware... http://www.terryscomputertips.com/computer...rspy-review.php "Before using CounterSpy, I was using Microsoft Antispyware, which is also descended from Giant Anti-Spyware. Sunbelt Software licensed the technology from Giant before Microsoft purchased Giant."
  3. Cool, now I know I can recommend the full version without fear of conflict with windows defender (which I think used to be webroot antispyware by sunbelt software until MS bought it - initially they made a bit of a botch job after taking it over but since it has become quite stable - and now integrated into MSE). I think I will be buying now aswell, but just to support, prefer having it as surprise heavy forces to remove any sneak-throughs and the .exe re-named to counter its launch being prevented. Malware programmers I think have fast realised mbam is a major threat to their attempts.
  4. B) Love this utility, noob here so saying hi too <waves> If we buy this and use the resident options of mbam (I have been using it for a while to help a lot of people solve their problems and recommending it too), AND we are using Microsoft Security Essentials (which is anti-virus and the old defender (anti-spyware) combined (I think)) - Are there any resident conflicts with MSE? Personally, I have been chewing this over for a while, I want to support the programmers (by paying for it obviously), but I also believe not having it resident is an advantage... while not active I consider it less likely to be detected by malware trying to get on my systems and therefore more effective when I launch it for a periodic surprise scan. Google are recommending mbam too if you didn't know - http://www.google.com/support/websearch/bi...amp;answer=8091
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