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  1. Ok I will try but I must say that this is not the way I'm just to. I'm just to tick everything I want to exclude and the there needs to be an option to exclude ect. I find this not so practical in the newer versions.
  2. Nope not here that problem. No acronis snapman in that key and I have deleted Acronis in the past but does not work. Had even deleted every key in the reg. with the name 'exploit' and that belongs to MBAE and then a totally clean install but still the same error. It did not find a device on my pc and so it cannot run.
  3. Delete the previous post because I cannot! What I want to say is this: I myself am an IT guy and I test a lot of programs out there on different OS to see if it is something for us here, but even as Hitman Pro and Malware Anti-Exploit they are very buggy on Xp at best. MAE is not buggy, I think, because I get it not working on Xp so I do not now but it seems that there is nobody interested anymore into fixing that MAE will install on a Xp service pack 3!? There are many people with this problem on Xp but there is not much interest to make programs like this, Hitman Pro and WinAntiRansom t
  4. What annoying this is! MAM scans and found +400 PUP but these comes from three programs that I know and there is nothing wrong with it but that is not the problem. The problem is that I not found any option where I can exclude this +400 with one click so that they not popup the next time. Where are the options to exclude/ignore once? This is not wise to not include these options. It make MAM more annoying then the opposite because this is not practical and why these programs are showing up as PUP's where I have checked these progs with VirusTotal and there is nothing wrong with it.
  5. I have the same problem here and I have ask this to but it seems that there is no fix for it on Xp. I have done all what they ask here and nothing has helped so I'm now without any exploit. I have here a HIPS program like malware defender and with AV + Comodo firewall + Emsisoft AM. I had here also EMET but I have uninstalled it for to see if this was the problem but is seems now that the pc is running better so no EMET for me on Xp. I had here also HMPalert but that was a total mess. To much for a P4 3.5Mhz with Xp Pro. But you think that it was Acronis? Well I have it here also on my pc but
  6. I have done that already! See the help from Ron. I have unchecked everything I have in msconfig except the services of the OS and same result. It is not a problem with another program but when I see a link like http://www.techspot.com/community/topics/a-device-attached-to-the-system-is-notfunctioning.183110/ with the same problem but then under W7 and the culprit was an older version of flash and after the update MBAE installs fine after that, then I'm thinking what for progs need MBAE to run? How I see I miss something that MBAE needs but I do not have and that's why I get this error I think.
  7. Ok keep me updated. I have searched for 'malwarebytes anti exploit A device attached to the system is not working' and then I get the links like: http://www.techspot.com/community/topics/a-device-attached-to-the-system-is-notfunctioning.183110/ same problem here and that was on W7 and the problem was that Flash Player was out of Date! and there are more like this. Needs MBAE java to run because java I do not have?
  8. Hi Ron, I have tried it. Disabled everything except MBAE, start up and the same problem stays. I have tried to reinstall it, the fix " Right-click Command prompt, and then click Run as administrator. " .... but to no avail. So it is not a problem with another program or so but what I'm not getting is why the he** am I the only one with this problem on Xp sp3? That cannot be if it is Xp related because there are many others that installed it on Xp and with no problems or are there more like me? If so then it is a problem with MBAE on Xp, and is not then I do not know
  9. Nope I do not get the C:\Windows to work. It says C:\Windows is not recognized as an internal or external command, program or batch file
  10. Hi Ron, You now that this the old but still good XP and I'm the administrator? What I want to say is that when I 'right-click Command prompt' I do not get the option ' Run as administrator'. I must click on 'run as' and then I get the picture that I have paste here beneath and when I click on the option below 'This user' I can chosse my name 'KeZa' or 'APNS certificate'. That's it but in the good-old Xp am I the Admin when I'm the Admin and there is no extra ticking like in W7-10. But I will try the C:\Windows forthwith and let you know. For that device I will give you the logs
  11. But I do not understand this error: What device and why need MBAE it? Needs MBAE a certain Windows Service or such to operate? Maybe is that the problem because I have must services down accept the necessary ones or is here a problem with a device in Device Manager?
  12. Hi This does not work. See file -> service does not start either with this fix.
  13. Hi Ron, Yes I know a little bit of it all but to have a good OS where all the progs run fine without any problems.... that we will not find on Linux, Apple or Windows. That OS and those programs, without any errors in it, has yet to be invented. I have got them all and Linux is fine but it's to bare for my taste. And always problems to find the drivers for the damned thing. Linux is like XP but stable and so is the security better but I find more and more info that linux is not so safe as most people think. They have found again an error which can be exploited. Not so much as with Window
  14. No my computer is definitely not affected! I have a lot time spending to make this Xp safe and I searched for the best security possible on a Pentium 4 PC 3.4Mhz. So Kasper and that High CPU demanding progs I cannot use. I still waiting for W10 to get his stuff together but that OS is going the wrong direction and so I cannot buy a new pc at the moment so I'm waiting for a good OS with no problems with privacy settings that stay how I put them, other settings that stay active after updates, no programs get deleted, ect... because that makes my head spin. So Now I need a good and extra program
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