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  1. I had McAfee and Malwarebytes (MB) installed on my Dell XPS Desktop machine running Windows XP Pro with 4GB of memory installed. My system slowed a bit but worked OK (McAfee is a resource hog). I decided to remove McAfee and try a lighter virus scanner. I tried Bitdefender (BD), with MB (with recommended exclusions). BD was almost as bad as McAfee as far as resources go. My system slowed and errors started multiplying like rabbits (IE. missing system files). I ran scans using MB and BD. Nothing found. My system got worse. When I tried using anything on my taskbar, my system would lock-up. I lost Internet connectivity. I fixed a few errors but, they were coming in faster than Lucy's chocolates. Finally, I gave up! ENOUGH! I had to re-install Windows XP Pro from scratch on a newly formatted drive. Luckily, Microsoft still supplies updates via their Windows Update Website. Wow, I had to install about 160 Windows updates (about 20-30 at a time). Once I had Windows XP Pro installed again and my Web browser operational, I installed MB. MB is supposed to work with all virus scanners. I learned the hard way, MB does not work with Bitdefender even when all real time activity in MB is turned off! I might try Webroot, mostly due to its limited use of resources. Do I really need Webroot? I may end up having the same type problems again. Perish the thought! I do not want to spend another week installing and configuring my software! OMG! Is MB enough or do I need Webroot or another security package? MB is supposedly not a virus scanner yet it seems to act like one (conflicted with Bitdefender). Many say I need MB and another virus scanner. I know I cannot have two virus scanner packages installed. Be nice if MB had a full packaged program for XP. I cannot upgrade from XP because my system is a Dell. Dell's proprietary hardware and software prevents me from upgrading to any other OS. Microsoft knows I cannot upgrade my OS which is why they ended support for XP (profit, profit and more, profit). Not just me, but about 30 million users with proprietary systems who are in same boat. I will have to eventually build a new system to survive another blow from Microsoft's monopolistic profiteers (no more proprietary hardware or software). So, when they stop support for Windows 10, I will only have to buy a new mama board instead of a whole new computer system (IE. Dell, HP etc). I will have to Google some more to find out if MB works well with Webroot. Or, maybe just Webroot? MB has been great but is not a fully functional security package.
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