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  1. It detected a bit of Adware. which comes when you download from chip.de - thats normal But I think we both know what FUD means....
  2. It seems like it didnt find anything... kekekek.txt
  3. Here are the files Addition.txt FRST.txt
  4. Hello Malwarebytes. I am suspecting that my PC is ratted because it wont go to sleep anymore (it wakes up again), my mom saw it yesterday going from screensaver to login screen and typing 4 characters in the pw field - my PC pw is 4 chars long.... I am booting from a SSD and I have a HDD also. Even though I reinstalled Win7 from Scratch recently, this is happening... I scanned my system with ESET and Malwarebytes, both say I'm clean. What should i do?
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