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  1. Hi @daledoc1, Your reply helps completely Thank you
  2. Thank you Aura, daledoc1, and AlexSmith, I appreciate your welcomes and am grateful for the answers you've provided. I'm guessing new users cannot edit at all, because I tried to do a quick grammar edit and took maybe 1.5 seconds to do it, but it still said I was too slow and disallowed editing. So I hope I don't make too many of those types of mistakes in future (even with preview, I'm prone to need to make such corrections). Thanks again to the members and staff here.
  3. Hi, I was recommended to download the MBAE Free Version. I searched your site and the products pages, but I was only able to locate the Free Trial version. I'd like to download the plain MBAE free version without the trial - where is the download page for that? Also, is MBAE Free Version compatible with Windows 10 and Windows 7? Thank you
  4. I tried to edit my above post, but it wouldn't allow me to. It said it was either deleted or moved or too much time had passed. Only 3 minutes had passed between hitting the "Submit" button and the "Edit" button. I didn't want to add another post, I just wanted to add a number 3. question on one post, plus fix grammar. Since it wouldn't allow me, my third question is: Is there a preview button before actually submitting a post? (now that I've discovered I can't edit after hitting "Submit" I doubly would like to know). I think I really need those help pages on how to use this
  5. Hi, I just joined here and assume that the "Create" button at the top is how you start posting here: So I click it, and this is what shows: I assumed information about posting within these forums would show, but this is as far as it goes. Clicking "OK" just closes the pop-up. Is this normal, or am I experiencing an error? Do you have a guide for new users? (not the forum "Guidelines" or rules - more a help section for beginners on how to use this forum) (I realize that going into specific forum topics will reveal the "Start new topic" button) Thank you
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