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  1. Not on mine thanks. I like the program but if it removes all the stuff anyway then I don't need it. I was just trying to get the most protection for my boyfriends new computer.
  2. No I just want my refund please.
  3. I had removed a bunch of viruses, purchased at a pawn shop but after all the repairs it still wouldn't open browser quickly and my boyfriend, whom I got it for, he said no way he is keeping it. Malware found over 6K things to remove and that is when I purchased the protection because I thought it would not remove them without it. I just wanted to make sure. But I don't have the computer now.
  4. Yes I do please. I did email the other way but the computer I was working on I had to return because it was still not fixable. Thank you!
  5. Watch out for googling "malwarebytes refund" because I did that to call and get a refund and when I called the number, someone in probably the country of India, answered and told me to go to just enter the word "syval" into google. It turned out to be a remote connector program and there is no reason for any company to get onto my computer to issue a refund. I hung up on him in addition to my computer telling me it would not run such program anyway. SO WATCH OUT GUYS!! I reported this to the FTC just now also. http://guruaid.syval.net/ The above link is what that ended up on.
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