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  1. I can confirm what indicates dcollins in the answer 14 .. I have two adaptations wifi and only BSOD when I use one of them: With my old AR5005G: there is no BSOD With Realtek 3070: BSOD
  2. I am running / 1.0.75 and also BSOD BAD POOL HEADER back again.. if turned off Web Protection no BSOD. But this issue has already been addressed before what is happening? It is insufferable every time a change is made the BSODs return .. Every time a change is made in MB3 the BSOD come back .. MB3 seems to be an absolutely unstable product,
  3. Hello all I had the same problem described in this thread. Now If it helps.. This solution works for me at least for the moment
  4. Thank you for the development and support of Malwarebytes Anti-Ransonware
  5. here is the executable zip Partner.Client.Universal.Touch.zip ed. I feel the repost, I see where edit my previous answer.
  6. The software was installed, Malwarebytes Anti-Ransonware Beta intercept / blocked the execution of it any day .. after that and contrary to what was expected was never possible to restore the .exe blocked by Malwarebytes Anti-Ransonware Beta, hence my query on the support forum. In the 1st image it looks like .exe is quarantined .. and if you try to restore the apliación returns the error "Could not Restore operation due to an error Performed" Although protection stops you can not restore the file, there is no way .. "Could not Restore operation due to an error Performed" is displayed again. the "solution" is: You have to uninstall the application> restart PC> Touch reinstall VPN> add exceptions before using now working, I guess that's all for now I guess You should verify TouchVPN That app is not harmful to That in the next versioens of Beta Malwarebytes Anti-Ransonware not happen esta problem ..
  7. Attached zipped folders, hope this helps.. logs.7z Program-Data.7z thanks for support.
  8. Hello Is comming from here Touch.exe from TouchVPN application (Windows 10 Store) is moved to quarantine I try to follow the instructions of the "How to report a False Positive" thread.. ..but when I get to step 3, the following message appears Unable to continue following the instructions of the "How to report a False Positive" thread making the request decide on how to proceed. ed. I think that is a false positive, I have no way to prove except that while using this application (Windows Store) apparently was not detected anything suspicious or encrypted files.
  9. It happens the same with the TouchVPN application in Windows 10, can not restore quarantined item or course continue with the steps in the thread "How to Report a False Positive". Should I open a new thread or wait for the next version? Thanks in avance
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