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  1. (I tried to edit my post but It said I could not for some reason.) I have tried making rules for salta.exe and ctfloader in windows firewall but this seems to do nothing.... This all seems like a nuisance thing, but how do I know that while the ads/music are being played that other things are not being transmitted to who ever made this things...(I am not too worried, but anything is possible)
  2. This is my sec time writing this, I wrote a 3 page things but when I clicked to submit the site timed out and I lost it all....(logged me out as well) So basically, something Called Nine keeps showing up along with CTF Loader in the task manager in windows 10, I check on the location of NINE and a file called Salta.exe and a .dll file are there, I have deleted/shredded both but they keep coming back, my research on CTFLoader is that is normally part of MS office, which I don't have, I ran a uninstall prg for ctfloader and though it is listed as gone, it still shows up. what theses
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