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  1. see attached. Thanks again. SageDLLs.zip
  2. Thanks. Do you want me to upload any of the other affected DLLs? They're all showing the same malware, all have similar names and all sit in the same folder.
  3. here's the raw dll. There's several other DLLs with similar names also triggering detection. VirusTotal shows MalwareBytes as the only engine that thinks this file is bad. Eureka.MMS126.SaveAndDespatch.dll.zip
  4. I sent the hash to virustotal and nothing was found. Is there a rough ETA (or SLA) for some kind of response on this? I am a paying customer of MalwareBytes Business. Thanks.
  5. Now attached with no password (I'd assumed that without a password MalwareBytes on my desktop PC would just immediately quarantine the file inside the zip...) no_password.zip
  6. This is being detected as a Backdoor.RevengeRAT but I suspect it's just part of the normal operation of an old version of Sage accounts package. Please can you investigate? MalwareByte's actions are causing the Sage application to crash. Zip password is: password Quarantine.zip
  7. How can I disable SSL 3.0 on the MBMC server? Thanks.
  8. It'd be nice if you could eliminate the requirement for .net framework for the business version of MalwareBytes. I had to install this onto all my endpoints when I bought MB Anti-Malware, which is kind of ironic - massively increase my attack surface in order to run some defensive software.
  9. I've logged it via support (email only... not ideal for situations like this!)
  10. Same here. Does anyone from MalwareBytes monitor this or do we all need to formally notify them in some way?
  11. As title. Lots of machines are reporting a file called atinst.exe as Trojan.MalPack. This file is part of Cisco WebEx. Paths detected in: C:\ProgramData\WebEx\WebEx\1224\atinst.exe C:\ProgramData\WebEx\WebEx\500\atinst.exe C:\ProgramData\WebEx\WebEx\1524\atinst.exe C:\ProgramData\WebEx\WebEx\T30_EC\atinst.exe C:\ProgramData\WebEx\WebEx\T31_UMC\atinst.exe C:\ProgramData\WebEx\webex\500\atinst.exe.tmp C:\ProgramData\WebEx\atinst.exe C:\Users\xxxxx\Downloads\atinst.exe
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