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  1. Some windows apps currently do not work on my system.

    Prior to this, I couldn't access my system, except through safe mode, because I kept getting "Stop Code: PAGE FAULT IN NON PAGED AREA"  

    I was able to resolve that problem, after running full scans from with AVG and MBAM. The problem started while I was surfing online, and after I downloaded some (illegal)software. I deleted the software, following the resolution of the BSOD some of my apps stopped working.


    I ran a scan with FRST. 


    Here are the logs:




  2. I didn't Uninstall Firefox.

    I uninstalled chrome.

    After uninstalling, my system restarted and updated a few times (on different occasions. I used the system in between them).

    After all was said and done, it seemed my Laptop was healed, and I had the "anniversary update"(my guess).

    The only problem I have now, is one particular app "The chess Lv 100." which refuses to work. It closes shortly fter starting. I also lost all my progress in one of the games(Store app) I played.

  3. On 9/14/2016 at 4:01 PM, thisisu said:

    Are you familiar with the browser extensions you have in Google Chrome and FireFox? Some of these look rather suspicious.

    For example in Chrome:

    CHR Extension: (Windows 10 App Store) - C:\Users\Lancelot\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\ChromeDefaultData\Extensions\naooifpfabodanjfijcljgpgoipjhfhh [2016-05-31]

    Examples in FireFox (around 13 Adblockers)

    FF Extension: (FirefoxAdKiller) - C:\Users\Lancelot\AppData\Roaming\Profiles\o6chyxy0.default\extensions\{b1df372d-8b32-4c7d-b6b4-9c5b78cf6fb1}.xpi [2016-05-19]
    FF Extension: (Ads no more) - C:\Users\Lancelot\AppData\Roaming\Profiles\o6chyxy0.default\extensions\{a3a5c777-f583-4fef-9380-ab4add1bc2a2}.xpi [2016-05-19]

    Can we remove these? It might even be better to completely uninstall and reinstall both of these browsers to see if that helps at all.

    I'm not really seeing much else to do in these logs.


    I don't mind uninstalling and reinstalling firefox. Chrome's my default browser, I haven't used firefox in a long while. I don't know what extensions I had on firefox.

    As for Chrome, these are my extensions:




    Any problem with these?

  4. 19 hours ago, thisisu said:

    Well it seems you keep picking up additional traces of malware as we go along here. Please try to keep your browsing experience to a minimum while you are being helped. 

    I haven't visited any high risk sites in recent memory.

    But I'll keep what you said in mind.

  5. On 8/21/2016 at 10:30 PM, thisisu said:

    I don't see anything that would prevent such major OS issues like you've described but go ahead and run the following FRST fix using the fixlist.txt attached to this message. Attach the Fixlog.txt when finished.

    Are you using Microsoft OneDrive? If so, is it working?

    Update MBAM and run another scan please. Attach its log when finished.

    Let me know of any changes in the computer's behavior when finished.


    How do I use the fixlist.txt to run the FRST fix.

    I can upload files to OneDrive normally, using File Explorer.

    I can't use Search, Start Menu, or Windows Apps.

    So I can't test the OneDrive App.

  6. 15 hours ago, thisisu said:

    Thanks for being honest about this. We do however require that you uninstall KMSPico before receiving additional assistance. You should be able to remove KMSpico via Control Panel -> Programs and Features. Please read the following for further clarification regarding our stance on Piracy:

    Once you've removed KMSpico.




  7. On 8/14/2016 at 6:50 PM, thisisu said:

    Thanks for the information.

    A few more steps for you:

    Run sfc /scannow, here's how: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/929833

    Note: Since you say the Start menu does not work, try using the Windows key + R together to launch the Run dialog. From there, type in cmd to launch the command prompt and continue with the rest of the steps in the guide. Reboot if prompted to.

    I used <WIN + X> to open SUperuser menu, then ran command prompt as Admin. then ran the command. It is currently running.

    Once that has been completed. Open FRST and type in the following into the Search: text-field: efswrt.dll

    Should I attach the log files if any.

    Then press the "Search Files" button. Attach Search.txt when the search has completed.


    Next, open FRST once again and press the Scan button to obtain a couple of new logs for review. Be sure to include both FRST.txt and Addition.txt. You may need to retick the "Addition.txt" box if it's not automatically ticked this time.


    Lastly, are you aware that you have a crack tool for Windows installed? They are called KMSpico and AutoKMS. It could be reason why certain functions of Windows aren't working as intended.

    Yes I am aware. I installed it to ativte Mirosoft Office. I'm not currently able to make purchases online. -_-

    Though, these have been installed for months now. I don't think they are the cause of my problems.

    P.S. If you could get a screenshot of the Music.UI.exe error message, that would help too.

    It happened once when I rebooted my computer, and then it was from the lock screen. I don't normally reboot, but if I see it again, I'll try to take a picture using my phone.


    Thank you very much for your assistance. To be honest, I was a bit skeptial about reeiving help at first, since someone who had a similar problem to mine was turned down because he had Windows crack tool(s) installed. He was told "Current forum rules don't allow them to assist". 

    Replies in red.

  8. I'll try to go through with the steps.

    My Laptop got seized, for the past week, so I'm just getting your message.

    I did install KMSpico, to try to install Microsoft Office. 


    I'll go through with the step.

    I don't really care so much for recovering my quarantined files, s much as fixing my system.

    If my system can get back up and running again, I'll be gratetful. 

  9. I turned on my PC to n error messge from the lock screen. 

    Something like: "Music.UI.exe" <Hexadecimal number>(guessing it's a memory address) process/program(not sure  which) not found in <Hexadecimal number>


    My Lightshot wasn't working from the lock screen.

    e62645bb8bce4d829247d6556e38ba77.png  Clicking on that, still does nothing. I have to lock my Latop, and connect from Lock Screen.


    6bc12c0c86964c7492e02bc6540a755f.png  Notice the icon.

    30cb25a023b148f4882706b3be3b9043.png Clicking on those two icons still does nothing. As does <Win Key>, <Win Key+S>

    No start Menu, No Search.


    I'll check the others, and update you.

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