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  1. Hi, MBARW Beta flagged PHP.exe as ransomware. See attached files please. Would it be possible to allow to restore the quarantined file without requiring a reboot? When restored, php.exe lost its original modified date. Is it possible to restore the dates as well in future versions? Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware.zip MBAMService.zip php.zip
  2. Hi 1PW, I'm afraid I don't have access to the infected computer anymore. I read about how to report a threat. I can't achieve the very first step, i.e.running the trojan against MBAM: Windows deletes the file immediately after unzipping. This is not a test computer and I won't go any further. Let me know if you want the zip file as is. I've got a follow-up question: On the infected PC 1,800 files were lost before MBARW killed the trojan. Apart from having backups, are there guidelines on how to organize folders and / or facilitate MBARW detection process?
  3. I had the opportunity to test a ramsomware on a Windows 10 computer where MBARW Beta was running. - tyrik.exe (I can provide you with a zip encrypted archive) on a USB key - Windows 10 Enterprise up-to-date - running as a standard user, not admin Windows Defender already knew the signature of tyrik.exe and quarantined it at once I had to login as admin, disable Windows Defender, then switch back to std user to perform the test I executed tyrik.exe, was prompted by Windows to execute the program (the usual warning where you must enter the admin password to contin
  4. Thank you 1PW, I managed to make it work again before viewing your post, more or less the same way that you described: - Uninstall - manually delete the directories (safe mode wasn't required) - restart - login as admin - I didn't re-download a fresh copy, I used the one I backed up from previous download, it was up-to-date judging by version number - I didn't right click the exe and Run as admin, I've just run it - I restarted the computer just after Do you want me to try "Stop Protection"? Or do the re-install just like you described? I'm under the impression that "
  5. Hello 1PW, yes you are correct, this is about ARW Here are the 2 zips Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware.zip MBAMSERVICE.zip
  6. update: uninstall / re-install doesn't change a thing, now the protection is disabled with no obvious way to activate it
  7. Further info: MBAR I killed the task via taskmgr I restarted it via Startup folder, now it says "AR Protection is disabled' Start Protection has no effect, via the menu, Fix now or right-click It stays disabled I guess I have to re-install the product
  8. Hi, I'm running MBAR in Windows 7. When I click on "Stop Protection" nothing happens
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