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  1. I have this lifetime license for about 7 years now, I have been using personally on my computers. I remember that I got this license from someone at my mom's workplace who installed Malwarebytes to fix my virus-infested laptop, and I've been using it up to this day. It does not have an ID, just a key. I realized how easy it was for someone to just steal my key by clicking on "My Account". I tried googling the key, and it's not on the internet, so I'm safe right? I bet many people at my college had stolen my key a lot and I don't want it to get blacklisted or make its way to the internet. If th
  2. Okay, another .bat program like this happened to my friend last week that made me remembered this back. This is 4mb, pretty big, idk if it can be deobfuscated. hxxps://drive.google.com/open?id=0Bxptc4WBfjERbXVEcTlVZ0NDUUU Thanks. Oh, I forgot to say, if I remember when I opened the batch file, it asked for an ip of the website and username. I think I was trying to get myself unban from a website. I plug those in and pressed ENTER. I had Malwarebytes 2 premium at that time.
  3. Sorry for the late reply :(. I finally recovered my old hard drive after that pesky batch destroyed it. I think I do have a copy of the bat file, should I upload it here?
  4. I opened a Batch program and it started deleting files on :C. The batch was obfuscated, so I wasn't able to decode or read what it does. I found it when it started deleting my files when it had some access denied errors. It did deleted a good amount of my files that made the programs on my desktop unavailable (missing) . On start up, it made another batch that shuts down my PC on boot up. Although my PC is still functioning, I do not want this to happen again. I have Malwarebytes Premium on Windows 10. Is there an option or program that can warn me when a program is trying to delete my files
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