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  1. That's okay, I'm actually in the process of reinstalling windows now. I think I've had the malware for too long. Hopefully this will work. Hope you are well! Thanks for the help
  2. I also found this strange and noteworthy: I was in a not-very-cpu-demanding game (stardew valley) and all of a sudden it started glitching out and my fan was going wild. I had chrome open but only a couple of tabs and it was minimized, and when I opened task manager it was using a ton of resources and memory.
  3. I installed firefox from the default microsoft edge browser to see if I had the same problem, and surely enough, both firefox and chrome were deleted upon restart. Is this some sort of virus or weird malware, or is it possible that something's up with my browsers? I'm not reinstalling any other browser for now because I don't trust it. I'm not really sure what to do at this point or what's going on.
  4. They're not really. I'm still having the issue with chrome deleting itself everytime my computer turns off.
  5. Sorry for the confusion, I had to reinstall chrome again as it's still getting deleted everytime I restart my PC.
  6. I did all this, restarted my pc, and chrome was still deleted. Had to reinstall.
  7. After this happened I had a scan with malwarebytes and it removed 4 items. Should I post that log?
  8. I also forgot to mention that this isn't only a chrome virus but a browser one. I'd downloaded firefox previously and that got deleted too. I haven't had any alternate browsers recently.
  9. I had a thread on here previously: link I stopped using my computer as much because I didn't have much time to or a USB drive. I still have the problem of chrome deleting itself every time my computer restarts. Today, I turned on my computer and got a notification that windows removed malicious items. I had to redownload chrome again, and when I did it took me to a page prompting me that Microsoft anitmalware wanted to restore chrome settings. I did this. I still have all the programs I downloaded from my first try. I do have a 16 gig USB drive now. Any help would be appreciated. Ed
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