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  1. i upgraded my OS to Windows 10 home x64 v.1909 recently. and today tried AdwCleaner 8.0.2. it runs fine without problems. :)
  2. i sincerely hope that i was of the required help to malwarebytes to fix this bug in adwcleaner 8.0.1. it was a pleasure.
  3. ok sir, but i am not much of a geek, so let me clarify this. i should execute this code as a bat file and post back the error code it returns, right? as for the help about the dumps, thanks a lot
  4. i found that there are no crashdumps created by adwcleaner in that location. only those by nahimicsvc32.exe. can you tell me what they mean by? i have PMed GoatCheez the link to the file by wetransfer.
  5. sorry about the late reply, i was quite held up. yes i would do the crash dumps thing and report back soon. thanks for your patience
  6. adwcleaner 8.0.1 will not run in safe mode with networking. here is the get-hotfix output: Source Description HotFixID InstalledBy InstalledOn ------ ----------- -------- ----------- ----------- DELL Update KB4533002 NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM 14-12-19 12:00:00 AM DELL Security Update KB4497727 1-4-19 12:00:00 AM DELL Security Update KB4498523 NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM 4-9-19 12:00:00 AM DELL Security Update KB4516115 NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM 7-11-19 12
  7. i have been redirected to here from https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/t/709723/new-laptop-infected-mouse-pointer-alternates-betn-normal-and-working/page-3#entry4930134 my original symptom regarding the mouse pointer is no more but adwCleaner 8.0.1 will not run. when i double-click on it from my standard account as well as my administrator account, UAC dialog box opens up and then after enter the administrative password and click on YES, nothing happens. i found a similar thread here, but did not want to post this there coz it may mean hijacking that thread.
  8. the main reason i use 360-AV is that it has 5 engines including bitdefender and avira unlike other AV products. anyways, this is not the right place for me to talk about it. i have been using 360-AV and lastpass for ages but never have had this issue. but i am really thankful to you for everything. the next option i have is to re-install windows and see if the symptom persists. any suggestion is most welcome .
  9. UPDATE: the cmd process occurs for LASTPASS too when its NATIVE MESSAGING feature in the binary component of LASTPASS is activated. i emailed LASTPASS.COM support about this as follows: SUBJECT: cmd.exe runs with lastpass for chrome hi,i am using windows 7 home-premium 64 bit edition. i have installed lastpass in my windows for managing passwords in all my browsers. but everytime i run my chrome 64 bit browser, a cmd.exe process runs. it does not run if the lastpass chrome extension is disabled. is this normal, ie., does lastpass extension for chrome use a cmd process to run everytim
  10. hi sir, bad news: i installed chrome. then i installed the 360-AV's browser extension. immediately a cmd process started in the taskmanager and there was a popup from my AV asking whether to allow it. i did nothing so it got blocked by default. i closed chrome. next time i started chrome, the same thing happened. to check whether the same behavior happens, i installed vivaldi, another browser based on chromium and my then installed my AV's browser extension. the same thing happened here too. so the inference is that it affects all chromium-based browsers. then when i disable the ext
  11. i can know that only after i re-install chrome. other than that i cant identify any symptoms of malware as of now.
  12. 2. IMMUNET frequently shows notifications like this: it allows almost all of them, but quarantines a few of them. i dont know what these files are. do these belong to qihoo-360-total-security?
  13. the full system scan is over. it found some PUPs and removed them. but there are some problems still: 1. i cant remove the USB drives using the safely remove method coz windows shows that the disk is in use, even though they are not. so i have to shut down the PC every-time before unplugging them. so i tried the software from http://safelyremove.com/ but even that cant stop whatever process that is running and shows the following screen:
  14. since i am including my external HDDs in my full system scan, it takes a long time. and i am quite held up out of station. thank you for the patience.
  15. i ran the scan without booting into safe mode. i hope it is ok? please find attached the log. mbam-scan.txt
  16. i did as per your instructions. upon restart, IDM popped up a message box saying that one of its files has been deleted and IDM needs to be installed again. i ignored the message and closed the box. Fixlog.txt
  17. i did as per your instructions. TFC did not ask for a reboot, but i rebooted to be on the safer side. i have not re-installed chrome. i have attached the logs of TFC and FRST. after uninstalling chrome, IE opened automatically asking for google's feedback. at that time IE displayed a message: i clicked on "fix settings for me" but i did not respond. i then closed IE. now i am posting here using cyberfox tfc.txt Addition.txt FRST.txt
  18. hi, my laptop has been infected through skype. i sought help at BLEEPINGCOMPUTER.COM and i was helped, yet he could not solve the issue fully. for a detailed overview of what my issue is and what had happened after that, please take a look at (many thanks for your patience) : http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/t/630794/got-infected-through-skype/ http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/t/631260/logs-got-infected-through-skype/ since the topics had been locked, and the person who was helping me was out of options (which he conveyed directly), i tried to investigate further as
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