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  1. I have got to the bottom of this eventually. The problem was not with the website I was visiting, the website was using a chatra.io chat facility and it was that website that was infected. I reported the matter to chatra.io and they were aware of it and were in the process of putting in a fix.
  2. When I visit certain websites MalwareBytes blocks UCARECDN.COM. Can anyone offer any advise as to how I get rid of UCARECDN.COM? Trying to locate it on my PC I have searched: programs regedit services Browser Extensions LocalAppdata But found nothing. I have reinstalled Chrome. I have completed Malwarebyte and ESet scans, I have run CCleaner. But every time I visit I get the attached: I have found a lot of removal sites and have done the manual process, the automatic removal tools that are being offered for download look suspect, and Malwarebytes issues a warning for the majority of them. Any suggestions on where it is hiding would be appreciated, or a reputable removal tool. Or is there is anything in Malwarebytes that will give me more information - or just to block it without displaying a message.
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