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  1. would you know of any exploit tests done by professionals ? like an AV tester but includes exploits ive had problems finding some
  2. https://imgur.com/a/X42pALO heres the screenshots of my settings and what exploits it missed during the test
  3. was just seeing how effective the antiexploit is now of days since there isnt really any good reviews on them. However i saw the test tool and tried it out and saw that malwarebytes missed many. I was disappointed as i check every available option for protection in the advanced settings.
  4. I was using the MBAE test file to test if MBAE was working properly on my computer. It did but then i just renamed the file to test.exe and it no longer worked. I wonder why this is. https://gyazo.com/6fe280aa5014c54e2679efc94b42cfff https://gyazo.com/1055b7ff4e1146b91da1b7472a85ec10
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