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  1. Thanks for your replies doomstick and daledoc1 but this issue has now been resolved. I did a clean removal and reinstall with licence and all appears to be now good!
  2. Problem was re-occurring so followed your advice and did clean removal and reinstall of MWB. It all seems to be fine now, Many thanks.
  3. Many thanks for your reply daledoc1. As with the peculiarities with computers my Malewarebytes is now again behaving itself and connecting to the update server. However, if problems occur again I will follow your instructions to reinstall. Many thank. Greg
  4. I am frequently getting 'unable to connect to update server' and unable to do a scan as a result (as it keep looping to find new updates). Please help.
  5. Hi Dashke Many thanks. Have updated my database, removed them from web exclusions and all now appeaes fine. Greg
  6. mail.talktalk.net and imap.talktalk.net
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