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  1. After additional crashes today I noticed that while the events are back-to-back in the log, the time stamps are far enough apart that this probably isn't the cause. An oversight while trying to hunt down the root cause too late at night.
  2. Clean install has been done and the issues with the backups and the RuntimeBroker have been resolved. Apparently all native OS internal "features." We'll see if the clean install fixes the nVidia driver crash, but it is "random" with no decisive way to replicate the problem on my end so I will just have to wait and see.
  3. Yes, you are right on the site blocking. Trying to work on this at 3AM has some drawbacks....lol. Now that I've slept I was looking back at why I said that which was sleep deprived thinking. I was expecting to see 443, but it lists source, not destination ports in the MBAM logs. I am going to do a clean install and look at the other Windows issues as well now that it is morning.
  4. So I looked into why it was blocking it. It wasn't blocking it because of domain or IP matches, but the ports it is trying to use. I am looking into that and why it is doing that. My guess is it is attempting to mine my computer. I am reviewing my firewall rules additionally after this find. And yes, the permissions issue is a relatively easy fix that I will address.
  5. Thanks for your input. Some answers below: 1) This was built as Win10 system and MBAM wasn't installed until after the upgrade, but it was quite some time ago. I'm assuming the 3/16 installation is an upgrade to MBam which would explain the lack of a "clean" install. 2) I did find the self-protection threads and even looked into Windows Defender causing these events. I disabled both, but they did not stop. However I have not rebooted after either change and toggled it all back on to verify event generation. 3)Looks like there's a permissions issue on a service for LLDP errors. I
  6. So I've had nVidia driver issues for some time where they seemingly randomly crash during various activities. Today it crashed at probably the most infuriating time so this time I decided to peel apart the event logs and try to correlate some data. What I discovered is that every driver crash (event 4101) (which is actually anywhere between 2-5 individual crashes) happens right after a multiple 7045 events for MBAMSwissArmy installing as a service (2-3 events). Immediately after this service install, it says "Mbamchameleon Failed to obtain file name information - C01C0005" although the hex val
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