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  1. You guys need to work on your wording for things 😕 "Automatically download and install application component updates" "Component" updates should be and are different to program version updates. (I have unfortunately had previous upgrade issues and Malwarebytes malfunctions due to old components, even though I was on the latest version) 1. If this is automatic ("Automatically download and install) why am I getting an update notification? - I shouldn't be, therefore I don't need to disable this option. Install being the key word here. 2. You give me a toggle for "Notify me when full version updates are available" yet it does nothing if option 1 is enabled, so why not grey out this option and not let me toggle it if it is COMPLETELY dependant on option 1? Why is it worded in such a way that it would give the opinion of being able to turn off those notification popups.
  2. If only that were true. Not even joking, 2 years broken.
  3. No, unfortunately not. This keeps coming up right in the middle of games, blocking some very important HUD. I have to disable MWBAM before I play a game. Great Anti-Malware design... Malwarebyte notifications have been broken for 2 years now, Admin's respond with "We know notifications are bad, rather than fix the issues we want to overhaul it so you can target specific notification (YAY BTW)", 2 years later, no overhaul, still broken AF.
  4. Veeam's free windows agent is a solid backup solution too. I used to use Macrium, but now use Veeam.
  5. @bluemonday Not sure if this is the same problem I had, but whenever I attempted to download a file Malwarebytes would block a random website I hadn't navigated to and wasn't downloading from. Turns out Malwarebytes was scanning my entire download history and one item in there was triggering it every time. Again, not sure if this is the same issue I had - but that was the fix for me.
  6. Sorry I forgot to confirm that the "Scan with Malwarebytes" is still not present in my context menu. (Sorry for the double post, I don't appear to be able to edit my previous post.)
  7. Evening @LiquidTension Since completion of your instructions I have since turned off the "Event Log Data". I have attached my support logs and here is a link to my procmon logs (https://we.tl/t-yDwlWqxgBU). I do have feedback on this script - For whatever reason, the script saved the logs in the wrong location, my desktop is not located on my C:\ drive, yet that is where the logs ended up upon completion. The Malwarebytes support tool did save the logs in the correct location so they actually appeared on my desktop - I must say that I changed this around 4 years ago, this is the first time I have ever had something not appear on the desktop when it should have. Kind regards, Nathan mbst-grab-results.zip
  8. Okay, I didn't realise I was able to self register my license even though it wasn't purchased directly through Malwarebytes' website - Now I have set up an activated an account I should hopefully not have a license problem this time around should I use the "Clean" option. For anyone else who might see this post and purchased a license from elsewhere, check out this article: https://support.malwarebytes.com/docs/DOC-2722
  9. Hi Liquid, Thanks for the reply. Those logs were provided before I attempted the "Repair" option within the support tool. If you need me to provide additional logs then please let me know. Kind regards, Nathan
  10. The half baked implemented solution means I cannot exclude games from the Windows Store because I don't have permission to the Windows Apps folder to find the .exe, as Microsoft intend. This is why Malwarebytes needs to look at your installed programs list.
  11. ETA on a fix? I have no intention of using the "Clean" option, literally just on the 3.6.1 update I need to do the clean option and it completed F'd my license, to the point where Malwarebytes wouldn't accept it. I'm not going through that hassle again. I already used the "Repair" option within the support tool which completely removed my MBWAM and reinstalled it, since it downloaded the installer itself the issue is not just related to upgrading.
  12. If it's the .dll from the previous version (hash below) I did briefly try adding this to my program files (pulled it from a backup of my PC), but due to permission it was proving to be a pain - oddly couldn't even take ownership of the Anti-Malware folder. Algorithm - Hash - Path: MD5 - 5265576F992AF1DE32D79B8570F95922 - mbshlext.dll
  13. Really temped to do this. I used their support tool to repair Malwarebytes which in the end done a complete clean removal, saved my key to the desktop and reinstalled - the .dll still does not exist and the right click options are not there.
  14. Sorry, there is a problem This attachment is not available. It may have been removed or the person who shared it may not have permission to share it to this location. Error code: 2C171/1
  15. Hey exile, Not sure what's happened to the attachment, but I can't seem to download it. Kind regards.
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