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  1. I don't suppose you know the complaints procedure for Malwarebytes? It's to do with my case I opened with Malwarebytes Support - Due to support clearly showing that they didn't review my attachment (video of me attempting to buy MWBAM for Android) or even read my ticket text, I got a completely unrelated response. I would mark my issue as resolved, since it now is, but customers shouldn't have this level of shoddy service and I responded saying that I don't feel like my original issue, or the matierial attached was reviewed properly. If staff see this comment: Ticket 3352101 I s
  2. Nice one Exile, done this and it worked - I can now purchase Malwarebytes on Android. Thanks!
  3. Hi, Anyone else been having issues purchasing Malwarebytes for Android? For over a week I have received "Something went wrong our end" when trying to purchase it. I reached out to Malwarebytes support, but honestly, in the nicest way possible, their response was so dissatisfactory, it was actually unbelievable. It feels like they didn't even read my issue (or review my attachment) and gave me a canned response for something completely unrelated. Since Malwarebytes is priced differently, I see no point buying Malwarebytes on their website as this is nearly £20 more ex
  4. Hey, got to have some fun with those techies by posting it! It definitely makes people look twice at it, but yeah you're right underlying HTML code is absolutely not fine. Just in case there's any concern, posting HTML entities doesn't actually work. If you post a soft hyphen, using Alt+0173 your encoding takes care of the rest. 🙂
  5. Hi there, Codepen.io is currently reporting a "Potential threat blocked" on the domain cdpn.io This website is for html, css and js snippets - much like jsfiddle which has no block, can this block be removed as it impacts general usability of the site? Kind regards.
  6. Just realised I accidently uploaded one of the wrong scans, please see attached False Positives Scan 1 - Attempt 2.txt
  7. Hi, Malwarebytes' AI (https://blog.malwarebytes.com/detections/malware-ai/) seems to have pooped the bed and is flagging false positives left, right and center suddenly. Attached are copies of the files and scan logs. False Positives.zip
  8. @rakka I have removed the plugin due to the fact that other users are reporting they have not received this screen after updating, and due to your most recent update which exchanges data with co-operating websites, please expand on this.
  9. I don't want you to use my e-mail address without +Malwarebytes appended to my e-mail address. I guess I'll leave the extension disabled until there's an option to change which address it goes to. "deliver product level communications" - I can't wait for Malwarebyte to market their other products in these e-mails, time to look into their "Opt-in" compliance in terms of GDPR on the Chrome Web Store, whether they actually legally gain consent through the install of the plugin.
  10. To be fair, I actually just want a program which I don't have to completely uninstall, and reinstall after every update - which then has licensing issues and causes havoc. A program where the options within the settings do as they mean. (Yes, this whole turn 2 options off to stop getting update notifications is BS when 1 option is specifically for it.)
  11. I can't think of a single release in the past 2 years where there hasn't been an issue. We just want a program that works. I fully understand why @bru doesn't want to update. I still haven't.
  12. You guys need to work on your wording for things 😕 "Automatically download and install application component updates" "Component" updates should be and are different to program version updates. (I have unfortunately had previous upgrade issues and Malwarebytes malfunctions due to old components, even though I was on the latest version) 1. If this is automatic ("Automatically download and install) why am I getting an update notification? - I shouldn't be, therefore I don't need to disable this option. Install being the key word here. 2. You give me a toggle for "Notify me wh
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