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  1. I've scanned this with Malwarebytes, my AV, my adware program, I've defragged the discs, and everything within the past couple days. Not a single thing has been found.
  2. Ever since maybe a month ago, I've had severe lag on my Windows 10. It's fine when it starts up, then I'll try to play a game or something on steam, or if the computer is just left on for a significant amount of time without a restart, everything is crazy slow. It takes the system 2-3 minutes to register a CTRL+ALT+DEL and open up task manager. I've ran Malwarebytes, Panda AV, Spybot, and CCleaner, also defragged my HD and SSD to no avail. I'll post the system specs and HijackThis log. Thank you in advance for any help. Windows 10 Home 64bit Intel Core i7-5820 3.30 GHz Nvidia Ge
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