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  1. Hallo, I noticed that after some long days, my browser (Vivaldi browser) keeps freezing like every 10-20 seconds. This keeps happening until I restart my PC. I looked in the windows logs for a cause and I noticed that Malwarebytes is producing an error in the same frequency as the freezing. I attached a screenshot of the log below. Both red errors are caused by Malwarebytes. The Error in the box at the bottom says: "The Malwarebytes service-service has stopped unexpectedly. This happened 33 times. The next action will be in 5000 Milliseconds: restart the service." and that 33 is added by 1 each time the error occurs. This happened a few times since now and each time it happens after my PC is on for several hours. I have a Dell pc (without any Dell software) with an i5, 8GB RAM and Win10. I already tried disabling add-ons in Vivaldi or clearing cache but without any luck. Any help is appreciated. Greetings, Vincent
  2. I restart at least once each 2 days but when mbam find a virus I decide what to do but at that moment. But is it so hard to remember for mbam to remove the virus when the PC starts the next time. especially when you have the early self defending module enabled it shouldn't be a problem.
  3. Dear community, I have a suggestion to make virus removal less annoying and time consuming. When mbam detects a virus during a scan it needs to place it in quarantaine. To complete this proces, a restart of your pc is needed. Why isn't it possible to complete the process when you shut down (for example at the end of the day) and when you start you PC the next day, the process is completed. Because now when I place an item in quarantaine and then shutdown my pc, I get a notification when I start my pc that mbam needs to restart the PC (right after it started).
  4. @dcollins, nope, just a normal desktop computer from DELL. (Most Dell software removed)
  5. I just downloaded the new beta - v. - to see if the office issue has been fixed. I downloaded the beta, installed it and restarted my computer. I went to malwarebytes exploit settings to enable office again but I noticed that I can't enable any program. Disabling works but enabling doesn't. I tried it with some other programs but I can't enable the neither.
  6. @AdvancedSetup Thank you for your help so far. I unchecked all office programs and I will wait for an update. A small other question. Is there a way to test the anti-ransomware? I can test the other 3 layers but I don't know a safe way to test the anti-ransom.
  7. The issue with the web protection is caused by the HTTPS everywhere plugin. When I disable it, the web protection is working fine.
  8. @AdvancedSetup Anti-malware: working fine, tested with a malware sample Anti-exploit: Working but it still makes word crash when I try to save documents. This time I got an error when word crashed. I attached a screenshot of that error. Web protection: When I open iptest.malwarebytes.org I get a popup that the website is blocked but I don't get redirected to the block page ( see second attached image). (I checked for updates for mbam and I restarted my computer but I stillfaces this issue). Anti-ransomware: can't test it because there is no test sample of it. The RAM and CPU issues seemed to be fixed.
  9. @AdvancedSetup I attached the log you requested. Fixlog.txt
  10. @AdvancedSetup, I did a clean removal of mbam3.0 and I attached all logs you requested. Can you tell me when I can re-install mbam3.0 because I don't trust windows defender as my AV. Greetings, Vincent Addition.txt FRST.txt mb-clean-result.txt
  11. @AdvancedSetup, Thank you for your reply. I downloaded the setup and ran it but half way I got the error that the "PoliciesControllerlmpl.dll" could not be installed because of no access. I ignored it and when the installation was finished, I was no longer able to open mbam (see error in screenshot). btw, I always have this when I just install a version over another (yes, the setup had admin rights). So I did a clean install (again) and like already said, the problems with the high RAM usage seemed over. I only still face the issue that I can't save MS Word files with the anti-exploit on (See my versions in the image below).
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