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  1. My Malwarebytes is stuck on updating the database. It has been try for over 101 hours according to the dashboard. Version component package 1.0.212 update package 1.0.0
  2. I got the 2017-10 Cumulative update today also. My Malwarebytes is there and running after installing the Windows update. Don't know if this helps, but I hope so.
  3. I have the same problem it started this morning! version:, component package: 1.0.122, update package: 1.0.1973. It did not do this with update package 1.0.1920.
  4. is working great for me. I have had no problem with it. The same cannot be said for earlier versions of 3.0. UPGRADE!
  5. I just installed over with no problem. It did say it needed to do updates. I clicked update now and it updated just fine. I wanted to try it installing over the older version to see if the was a problem, there were none! Just remember to deactivate your license before you delete an old version to install a new one.
  6. From my experience your license will work with any version. Mine did, hope this helps.
  7. Be sure to turn off "self-protection mode" before trying to delete mb3. Also deactivate your license after turning off "self-protection mode" Hope this helps.
  8. Malwarebytes has some of the best tech support I have ever encountered! They are very busy with try to help everyone who has problems. Please give them a chance to reply. I have used their tech support multiple times. It is top notch!
  9. I have the same problem. I contacted tech support. It is a known issue that they are working on.
  10. This is a problem i have also. Contacted tech support. It is a known issue that they are working on. I know this is not much help, but Malwarebytes is working on a solution.
  11. Ried, I did a restart anyway. I reverted back to 3.0.0 FREE! The service log shows 3.0.4!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope this helps! Going to activated my license again. Getting tired of this. Sorry! MBAMSERVICE.LOG
  12. Should I do a restart again and see what happens? It is back to 3.0.0 send the service log?
  13. Ried, I have a new problem now since updating to 3.0.5. I did a restart of my computer, I got a notice that my Malwarebytes was out of date so I opened it. It had reverted to 3.0.0! It asked to update, so I did. It went to 3.0.4!!!!! So I deactivated my license, tried to uninstall Malwarebytes. Reinstalled 3.0.4 from the download I had. It said the directory Malwarebytes already existed. I installed anyway. In the directory Malwarebytes is a sub-directory called anti-malware. In it is a files called mbshlext.dll. It says I do not have permission to delete it. I turned of self-protection, tried to delete again, no luck. Help!
  14. Just updated to 3.0.5. Every thing went smooth. YES!!! Thanks Ried and thanks Telos.
  15. I have 3.0.4 Premium running on Windows 10 Home. Tonight i saw Malwarebytes had acquired adwcleaner. I downloaded it and ran it. It found a PUP "webupdater" I told it to delete it. Almost immediately I got a notice that my Malwarebytes database was out of date! I new this was not so as I had just updated it. I opened Malwarebytes and it showed 3.0.0 free! I went to Windows apps and it showed 3.0.4. I uninstalled it and reloaded 3.0.4 and enter my license again. I now shows Premium. I find it hard to believe that two Malwarebytes program do not play well together! Any ideas what went wrong?
  16. Let me know how 3.0.5 goes for you. With everything else going on I have waited to update to it. Thanks again.
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