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  1. I have something on my computer that nothing finds, but windows defender doesn't scan all the way and I think it needs a more in depth analysis than what malwarebytes offers and all my downloads that will help the computer say its been downloaded from another computer, and im going crazy trying to sort it out, can somebody help me please
  2. Ok I live in England too, and I'm glad he will help me, thank you so much
  3. but im lost cos i dont know where he posted so i dont know where i am
  4. yes its the same topic, im new here and have a brain injury, and i dont know what im doing, so can you please help me, cos im getting so confused
  5. i cant find web optimum, but ive removed spybot and a few things that i thought were infected, but i cant find WebOptimum
  6. ok thank you, cos i dont know whats going on, and i think someone is using my computer, i didnt know where to look for them files but thanks
  7. i have loads on my system from trusted installer and im sure there in france, and thats why google said it was logged in by someone in france, i dont know how long theyve been on my system, but i cant get rid of them because i wont let me, cos i need there permission
  8. I didn't know they were on here and I'm glad we've found them but how do I remove please
  9. But I think my stystem has been hacked and it just downloads stuff with out me knowing like advanced installers, I don't know what that is and I can't delete it, because it says it's from trusted installer and when I try to delete it it says I need permission from trusted installer to make changes to this folder and I can't delete it, I didn't know they were on here and now I'm stuck and can't remove
  10. can anyone else see this because i dont want hackers to get on my system, because i have a brain injury and im disabled and i already find my life hard enough especially with having these problems
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