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  1. I doubt that it's a hardware issue as it started right after a virus infection and I have to swap the ram on every boot, not just once, so a certain RAM setup works some times, but not on others, which doesn't really make sense hardware works or doesn't, not works 50% of the time. edit: to clarify, to boot up I'm swapping the same two RAM modules to each others place.
  2. I got hit by a gigantic virus, and with a lot of struggling, got rid of mostly everything that I can see. The biggest problem left is that every time I turn my computer off, it doesn't do anything (fan speeds up, the active light is flashing, but nothing more happens). Clearing the CMOS doesn't help, the only thing that seems to work is swapping the two ram modules (2x4gb, 2 slots available) I have in my computer. I don't think it's any malware on my computer either, because even if I boot from BIOS straight into linux (which I've got dual-booted) and then shut down & power on, it still re
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