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  1. The Sophos scan took 3 hours, found one threat and the log is this: Sophos log file.txt The threat was cleaned successfully. Everything ran smoothly with Delfix.
  2. I believe these steps have done it for me! Here are the logs: Fixlog.txt Zemana report.txt AdwCleaner[C1].txt Just to be sure I opened like 10 Firefox windows and new tabs and everything seems to be running smoothly now, but I'll come back if any issues show up again. Thank you very much, Kevin, your help was precious and saved me both time and some bucks if I had to go find professional help on a store. And thank you for replying so quickly! Raquel
  3. Hey! I went through some of the other posts, and dowloaded FRST, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and Malware Anti-Rootkit tools. The anti-malware tool found the following problems: Scan Log.txt Proceeded with cleaning it, and no other threats were found by any of the tools. Also refreshed Firefox, after disabling extras that I knew were malware. However, I still get the annoying pop-up ads almost always whenever I open Firefox (sometimes it doesn't happen but it's rare) and sometimes it hijacks the homepage as well, instead of just showing the malware as pop-up ads. These are the most recent logs from Anti-Malware and FRST: Scan Log 2.txt FRST.txt Addition.txt Some terms are in Portuguese, but I hope you can understand them.
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