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  1. Thanks for your time. You definitely relieved my paranoia. [Some kind of thumbs-up emoji to express gratitude]
  2. I was only able to see cpuz139, not cpuz138. I deleted it. (The picture doesn't show that, but I did it.) If that's a problem, then tell me what next. Otherwise, thanks for your time.
  3. I uninstalled that Java thing and ComboFix is attached. And apparently ComboFix temporarily (maybe permanently) fixed a BIOS issue I was having (because Dell). Neat. (I don't expect you to show me some software that will fix it. I'll just deal with.) ComboFix.txt
  4. Thanks for helping me on this. JRT and AdwC files are attached. JRT was fine, AdwC was fine, and Sophos reported no infections. And I've already run Farbar. If you want me to run it again, just say so. JRT.txt AdwCleaner[C1].txt
  5. As I was looking through my Task Manager, I noticed something odd. There were two conhost.exe running. One of them didn't have a file location, description, or even a user name (well, SYSTEM, but not really). Showing all processes made it decide that it had a description. It was also using more memory. The one that was selected didn't reveal a location. Look at the first and second image ("Windows5", "Windows10"). TaskMan (not Task Manager) revealed that the one using less memory was in System32. The other one was in my user folder ("Windows11"), but when I looked, there was nothing new.
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