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  1. Symantec is getting desperate First they stop allowing a grace period for their antivirus products, which by the way when you renew go back to the original expiration date So what are they doing besides cheating their customers? Now they purposely refuse to let live update run if you have MBAM installed Version 14 of SEPM will also do this Well thank GOD Malwarebytes has finally released an antivirus product! No more Symantec for us or our clients
  2. After some more troubleshooting, found that even though Symantec Endpoint Protection was claiming to be the firewall Still had to disable Windows Firewall in GPO to push to all the machines If you looked on the PC the Windows Firewall claimed to be disabled, but this was not the case Even with the Firewall disabled the service still runs which is OK Thank you Ron
  3. This was an UAC issue for us We use a GPO to set the slider to 1st notch I manually moved it to the default 2nd notch and the push install worked fine We use the first notch so the screen does not dim, Oh well, I will modify the GPO to push this out
  4. Same issue, all other versions to this point were flawless
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