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  1. Thanks for the reply. However, I have paid for the domain (
  2. Thanks Steven.....but, how do I do that? I think I already explained that BT couldn't amalgamate the original business pack with the karmic-portal domain with the adams-office domain. The BT Webworld Gold account had a Limited company top domain with the adams-office as a sub domain, which I brought across to BTNAMES. Therefore, it just sits there with no website account attached to it. I just didn't think it would appear very 'professional' to have the karmic-portal address being used to a business website...hence asking for it to be re-directed. So, I think you are saying that I wo
  3. Thanks for the information Mystery FCM. I have done my own checking through DNS Tools website and foud the same information. I just spent a considerable amout of time talking to technical support at BT (business) but was categorically told that there was nothing they could do!! They said that I was the first person to have raised this issue about Malwarebytes rejection. They also said that the same top host was used for their BT sites. So, I guess they are not going to change unless a significant number of BT customers complain! The technician didn't have Malwarebytes installed and s
  4. To clarify this, the original post to the newsgroup wich was blocked for gobeck was sent through my btinternet ISP. Gobeck informed me through the newsgroup that Malwarebytes was blocking it, so I disconnected from my btinternet ISP and connected to my btconnect ISP. I then sent the message again through the btconnect ISP. Gobeck informed me that the second post was also blocked by Malwarebytes. I hope this clarifies the situation. I did check my IP addresses from the source code in both posts and neither seems to be the same as the one being blocked by Malwarebytes. I am totally co
  5. I do not use Malwarebytes and so am unable to test this out. However, I have been paying for the karmic-portal.co.uk domain for around 10 years now through my (business) btconnect account. This account goes back to dial-up days and as I was with a different ISP for the last 6 years, I was paying for this as as part of a business pack addition to my bt business telephone line. I have also been paying for the adams-office.co.uk domain for the past 10 years too. It was a sub-domain to a business account with BT Webworld Gold account. However, that used to cost me around
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