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  1. Hello, is it possible to get information how many people in the world use Malwarebytes software? I'm asking because we have serious traffic increase after MB unlocked our servers
  2. Full list of xHamster's streaming video servers' ip adresses:
  3. It was a surprise for me that Malwarebytes is still blocking ip adresses of xHamster.com streaming video servers: may be some others (there are >80 servers total) xHamster.com is 100% clean site, McAfee Siteadvisor also think so, why do you guys block streaming servers? We receive lots of complaints from people who can't watch videos because whole site is loaded and streaming servers aren't.
  4. Hey man, please send me any proof of malicious activity from xHamster.com or remove this ip from your database. It's not cool, xHamster is 100% clean site and it's not honest to mark it to malicious because of hoster without any proof.
  5. Hello! I've received a message that this ip was listed as a malicious What's wrong with this ip?
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