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  1. daws website is used by DellUpTray.exe for Dell product updates, and stannum-sub website is used by DFSSvc.exe for Dell Foundation Services. Both block logs are attached. daws azurewebsites net block log.txt stannum-sub azurewebsites net block log.txt
  2. IP: Hostname: hxxp://a.pomf.cat:62527 Excerpt of log: Attached as file Reason to unblock: File hosting site, does not allow malicious files, scans all files with VirusTotal LOG 12-30-16 205300.txt
  3. Looks like I forgot to run FRST with admin, and I can't edit my old post to reflect this. Here's the new logs you needed. Logs.zip
  4. Hi 1PW, I am running Windows 10 Pro Version 10.0.14393 Build 14393. I am not sure how to reproduce, as it started happening after a reboot. I have attached the 3 logs you need (MBAMSERVICE.LOG, FRST.txt, Addition.txt) in a single ZIP file. Logs.zip
  5. I recently switched from MBAM 2 to MBAM 3 and it was working fine until about an hour ago, when it automatically disabled Malware Protection, as well as failed to run at startup. When attempting to enable Malware Protection, it simply says "Starting...", but never goes anywhere. I am running version with component package version 1.0.43 and update package version 1.0.868. As well, I have premium if it matters. I would like to figure out why this is happening, especially now. Thanks.
  6. Hi, As of database v2016.12.08.16, I am still getting the block message (on Chrome at least). Attached is an excerpt of the log. MBAM-Log-12-08-16.txt
  7. IP: Exerpt: "Malicious Website Protection, Domain,, ejie.me, 50461, Outbound, C:\Program Files (x86)\Clover\clover.exe" Hostname: hxxp://ejie.me Website is host to Clover updates, a program that adds tabs to Windows Explorer.
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