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  1. I tried to post yesterday and received the "too many connections - try again later" error for this site. Tried again, got in, wrote up the reply (without copying) hit submit and lost everything. ? Good moring, Hope you enjoyed yesterday. On Sunday 06/17/2018 In reading the chkdsk instructions I saw nothing about attaching any report from the chkdsk run. Here is an overview ? Took over 4 hrs. to run. Then last line said it didn't load to the report for status 50. No file name for the report. I copied the entire cmd run from the cmd screen and saved it to notepad in safe mode and now I can not locate file. Left safe mode to enter normal mode using the instruction on Windows 10. Hooked up my bluetooth speaker (don't have standard speakers) and received blue screen error "not equal or less to" and system rebooted to normal mode. Hooked up bluetooth speaker and watched video. Disabled network adapters to the internet and followed instructions for security changes. Windows Defender would not allow me to turn off Core Isolation Memory integrity. Ran TDSSKiller per the video. Immediately received error "Cant initialize log" click okay and program ran. I selected modules computer rebooted. Selected the items in the second have of the screen (per the video.) Tried loading the picture of threats, twice, both times failed. Now file is missing on my computer. Monday 06/18/2018 Attached cmd notepad copy of chkdsk and picture of TDSSKiller. Thank you and I'll check back for any next steps. Christine notepad.txt
  2. Wanted to let you know I'm working on the steps above. I'll have follow up later today Sunday 06/17/2018 3:25 pm Christine
  3. I received a error to write. I had to download to and extract to desktop. The first download would not run an fthe dates for similar to today's date not 2017. Please see attached picture.
  4. I added the "No hives" picture (first reply back from my first request. Attached here is the "No Hives" picture from todays 06/13/18 install Christine
  5. I ran the Threat scan (no rootkits) the report said nothing found. There have been 31 real-time protection detections. There is one exploit report and 10 website blocks from outbound connections. The other 20 or so detections there no reports. Attached is the FRST and Addition reports. While installing Farbar Recovery Scan Tool I received two errors. I attached pictures for your review. FRST.txt Addition.txt
  6. I have thought for sometime my system was infected but only recently did I find other topics covering register keys and files that contain "8wekyb3d8bbwe". I read on bleepingcomputer a person being helped. Will you help me determine if my computer has malware, virus or other nasty programs taking control? I have other devices that I'm sure are infected also. I'll wait to address those after my desktop is clean. For some background, in April this year I tried to get help but my computer was not cooperating. For your reference link.tweakbit is the topic. It was closes and I tried sending a Private Message but I believe I did something wrong or it never made it back to Malwarebytes I will not change anything on my system until I hear back. Thank you Christine Smith
  7. AdwClearner 2nd run - clicked Run Basic Repair it seemed as if nothing ran. Not sure. Thank you for your help. Christine
  8. Ron, Sorry for the delayed response. Just got my computer back up and running. Had to do a reset and reinstalled Windows 10. I keep my files not knowing where I was in this process. Hope this helps?. Downloaded AdwCleaner and ran as instructed. It found 6 threats. On reboot received a message the Microsoft Windows had a problem with logging in. I didn't fix login until after AdwCleaner. No report opened, clicked View Report, no report. Tried tab Log Files - nothing. Fixed login error. Ran AdwCleaner again. No threats. Clicked View Scan log file - nothing opened. Reboot and again no report. Farbar - download, ran, received message c:\frst\hives could not be created, click okay another message could not update (1), then program ran FRST.txt Addition.txt
  9. 7:50 PM CST Today the following website www.tweakbit.com was identified 26 times as a protection event. a message ibn the taskbar notification said Add link.tweak.com as an exclusion. I did NOT add it. I look at the exclusion list and the link had been added. I clicked on the box I cant remember the next step because I thought why would the Microsoft support websites I was reviewing on send outbound connection. I got distracted by my flashing screen (to let me know I made a change) when I had not seen the flash for a long time. I thought that all the updates from MS had changed my settings again. Checking again tonight. The link is gone from exclusion, Nothing is in quarantine. While troubleshooting I test malwarebytes and only 1 notification appeared set at 10 secs so I can read the message. My OS is Windows 10. The last scan was 11:09 pm. Why would you add an exclusion and not send me a notification, then remove it with sending an emails and then have the wrong OS, time on scan. If I missed anything else please let me know. midnight.zip tweakbit.zip outbound.zip
  10. pmcjr, thank you for this post. It saved me. Changed my Recover if missed by and within seconds the scan ran. I missed this IMPORTANT detail in the guide. Again thank you
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