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  1. I informed customer and here is the reply: Yes you're right, just missed a couple of pesky backdoors! I've removed them, please confirm and remove our site from the blacklist :-)
  2. Hello. There was some malware (now fixed) on https://byensbilleje.dk Could you please remove it from the banned URL list ASAP. Thank you
  3. Yes, please open a ticket so we can determine what type of support your business has and address your case appropriately. Thank you Patrick Craig
  4. Hi, My name is Patrick and would be glad to help you. Have you open a support ticket on our business support Site?
  5. Hi Chris, My name is Patrick and I can help you. Have you opened a Support case with us yet? Patrick
  6. Hi Hemen, I just replied to your ticket, are you available? Patrick
  7. Hi TestDrive, I would be glad to help you. Would you mind submitting a ticket here so I can have a case created. I will need to get a little background on your deployment and investgate your logs Etc. https://www.malwarebytes.com/support/business/#techhelp
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