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  1. Thanks, Jong. I should open my eyes while reading.... Installation was uneventful (I run MBAM v. 2)
  2. I found the following file at MajorGeeks: Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware Beta No reference at all on your site. Is it real or is it a scam?
  3. From another source, I heard that MB3, even if demoted to the "free" (not premium) version, is not compatible with MBARW. This was also my experience, why I tried to run those two side by side. Has anything changed in this respect? Thank you in advance for all the ifo you have on this Adam Kertesz
  4. Kedves Aura, Kedves ltzEmily! Ti csak a szájatokat jártatjátok, de nem olvassátok el figyelmesen a hozzászólást! Azt írtam : "demoted it.. free version", szóval szándékosan csak a minimális, alkalmankéntti malware- szkennelést akarom használni, s azt reméltem, hogy a ransomware keresőt ez nem bántja. Én - veletek ellentétben - elovastam a MBA 3 összetételét, s tudtam, hogy a teljes verziónak van egy ransomware keresője (ezt nem kell nekem megmondani). Ez azonban nem teszi annyira kívánatosnak az egészet, hogy mindent használjak belőle. Sajnálom, (írtam az előző végén is), hogy íg
  5. Good news... Clean installed CU3 version, MBA opens on the desktop less than a second.
  6. Once more: Why does MBA 3 takes 32 seconds to open? (Just used the stopwatch to really time it - again)
  7. If I don't download an earlier version, and keep the existing one, do I deserve an answer to my question? Why does MBA 3 takes 32 seconds to open? (Just used the stopwatch to really time it)
  8. Windows 10 Pro 64, all updated, fast processor, enough disk space. The new version (3.0.6) takes 15-16 seconds to appear on the screen after double-clicking its icon. Any reason?
  9. I have installed MBAM 3, and demoted it to be the free version It have deleted MBARW beta. I have reinstalled MBARW, after which MBAM said: service cannot be started. As I have seen in another post, these two programs cannot work on the same machine. Schade...
  10. I have downloaded FSViewerSetup60 on 10/29, and MBARW did not complain. What gives?
  11. No, at that time I did not uninstall. Now, I have uninstalled it (standard way, thru Control Panel), restarted computer, reinstalled mbar and it's OK. I do hope that when it becomes a finalized product, we wouldn't have to jump so many hoops.
  12. But I did receive an upgrade prompt... OK, I will Uninstall, reboot, and reinstall..
  13. Jekko, no luck. Reinstalled, same message. Shut down, restarted computer, installed again: same old behaviour. I'm sure you guys will repair it.... (I see I'm not alone)
  14. OK, Jekko. Of couurse, I'll wait. After restart the "New beta is available" message came up - I did not install again. Do you need any files from my machine?
  15. Message came up in lower right corner. Closed everything else. Installed. Installation finished (I thought), then the same message came back: please, install update. OK, I thought, I did it again - and exactly the same thing happened. Now, I try to close down everything, restart the beast and see what happens.
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