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  1. This sounds like administrator rights. Try uninstalling and re-install.
  2. I'm work for a company and when I run JRT it starts fine but when it is time to request the restore point, it fails. Here is the error.
  3. That is because it knows you don't need to play that game. heh just kidding. What I would do is either exclude the game in mwb or disable malwarebytes while ONLY playing the game.
  4. It's not about excluding the .exe file. You have to exclude the IP address or IP's.
  5. email me here >>removed to protect user from receiving spam emails etc.
  6. I will the next time it happens. I was just posting like a guide what to do. It only happened to me because I had installed a program and I needed to restart and I didn't but I will do so next time it happens.
  7. Lately I have been changing things up in JRT and I have had issues with the restore point that gives an error 0x800... This seems to be an issue with the windows and not the JRT. Just saying so that users of this tool don't complain that it doesn't work and spam the developer/s of this error. Spam it to the windows developers. Lol
  8. Just add to exclude. Happened the same to me. It's nothing serious
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