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  1. I scanned and found nothing but PUP files. It may be due to me manually removing Helper2 before scanning. I may have to wait for it to resurface.
  2. I have found the Helper2 extension and removed it using a tool called Freefixer. I also located a scheduled executable, astask.exe, and deleted it. The problem is that after I remove all the infected components the infection returns within as few days or some times weeks. I have done this over 10 times and it still returns. I can not identify the root of the problem. I need guidance in isolating the cause of the infection.
  3. This link seems to have help resolve this problem for another user. TwinHeadedEagle seems to have had a solution by running FarBar Recovery Scan Tool with a fixlist.txt file he created. Can you simply do the same for me using the files I sent you. There is no sense in recreating the wheel... it seems like TwinHeadedEagle has a solution. Providiung me with websites and asking me to find it myself is not helpful.
  4. I have seen your response... restarted without add-ons and in safe mode... now what?
  5. Like a another member “MegJo” I am experiencing a problem with a Unkillable Helper2 extension on firefox. TwinHeadedEagle’s solution involved running the Farbar Recovery Scan Tool and sending in 2 files, FRST.txt and Addition.txt. To expedite the process I have taken the initiative to download and run the tool. Attached are the 2 files. Please review the files and let me know the next steps. Thank you Addition.txt FRST.txt
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