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  1. I did start with this document and have whitelisted the links given with no changes...
  2. I have recently upgraded to the Console version 1.7. After this, the application will not accept my license key. The product was licensed in the prior version (1.6)...but the upgrade removed the licensing for some reason and now I cannot license it. I get an error that states "Unable to contact server to verify your license key. Please check your connection." I have checked my connections, called my firewall vendor, disabled Windows firewall and antivirus with no luck and we do not use a proxy. I have even uninstalled the application and reinstalled twice with no luck. I also reinstalled console version 1.6 and licensed the product with no problem at all but as soon as I upgrade i get the same issue again. So, I feel this is an issue with version 1.7. I have opened a support ticket and they have provided me the links to white-list but that hasn't helped either. Can anyone shed some light on this? All of my clients are now 5 days behind on definitions. Thanks in advance!
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