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  1. The file photoshp.exe (Photoshop 6.0) was put in Quarantine. Malwarebytes was removed. Rebooted. Now, I can't run Photoshop. I reinstalled the download copy of Malwarebytes using my key. Yet, the Quarantine area is empty. Can it be saved? I found out Photoshop 6.0 has the old 8 dot 3 filename, and photoshp.exe is the correct name. I can't find the file anywhere.
  2. Thanks for your time and explanations.
  3. In my case, I was reading Google news. I clicked on a news story and the Browser Extension warning appeared. I did not have a chance to click any link on the site being warned about, yet I can not GO BACK. In other words: Google news was the only click I made and I can not GO BACK. I do understand what you wrote, thanks, but the warning should not display GO BACK if I can not GO BACK. Having a stagnant piece of software that can not piece together the correct actions is not useful, IMHO. Working with no formal QA can lead to unwanted support from users like me, sorry.
  4. If that's the case, then the usefulness of this tool is about 15% - 20%. This tool should not have bee released without PROPER SQA. Do you know what SQA is? The consumer is not the proper way to do SQA.
  5. The browser extension has 2 buttons 1: GO BACK, 2: CONTINUE TO SITE (I'm not 100% sure about this as it is not visible) The GO BACK button is a NOOP (doesn't do anything) on Windows 10 all updates applied.
  6. I'll accept that answer excile360. Bonus points to you.
  7. When I'm visiting Google News and click a link a few things happen: 1. A new window opens (expected as news link do that) 2. The new page displays as white with this text at the top: "Opening https://www.somesite.com/?X=something" (not expected) 3. After a few seconds the expected page displays. Am I hacked, or is mining happening or is google just another pain in the butt?
  8. Every night I'm getting things like the attachment shows (screenshot). I'm asking for assistance in how to remove this behaviour from Chrome.
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