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  1. Yes, it removed mine too đŸ˜«
  2. On my system, it survived Malwarebytes Premium, Emsisoft Premium and Bitdefender 2018 Internet Security..... This Ninja-Malware survived everything!
  3. Yes this is not a false positive. But it's scary to know, that the malware could survive quite some time before getting detected
  4. lol I today also cleaned someones computer that had exactly this
  5. PUP's and Adware are not soooo dangerous as tojans are, as example. Put it in and we can tell what you have
  6. There are also many people having issues with the local MBAM service.... But speculations won't bring anyone something This connectivity between the interface and the service running in background is also a point that does create much more issues at the end It's a mess that a program can't communicate with it's own component. The most issue almost EVERYONE has is the 100% CPU load when scanning. You boosted up the engine so you can use it as a advertising argument. But for what price? Every normal, not High-End system will freeze up because you came to this great idea You made
  7. hahahaha then delete my posts here. @Admin guess how many costumers you will loose now
  8. No, in the future, you may think about what you release to the public.
  9. Good choice This way tell them we do not have nerves and time to waste by their so called "updates"
  10. Yes you can send him a message by going into his profile (https://forums.malwarebytes.com/profile/211773-dcollins/), pressing on "Message" and filling up the input that comes up. When it's not displayed correctly, you can try to do it in another Browser. When it doesn't work try it in Edge or Internet Explorer, depending on your Operation System. Hope this helps to get your MBAM running again. It could be a connectivity issue with the activation server or something similar, when your key is valid.
  11. When there is something preventing to remove it, you could try to do it inside the Safe Mode. Using so, use the Windows and R combination on your keyboard, then enter msconfig in it and press OK. Confirm the admin prompt, change to the Tab Start and then enable the checkbox Safe start You must change it back in safe mode, so go in there again and remove the setting when you are done, then reboot. Of course, the are other methods to get in there but, this is the one that works since years without getting changed. Works on the Windows you use
  12. Nice that there is a check tool now. You should really look that the upgrading procedure is well working or that you provide a real uninstaller or a current cleanup tool. Well, note it down at the release that a real clean install is necessary. Of course, a company wouldn't speak about such problems, but, stop wasting peoples time by trying to get the new versions running!!!!!!!!!!!! How many people are there that have no upgrading issues after the past buggy releases? I don't know one. And using Revo Uninstaller is extremely recommend from my side... It also solved my upgrad
  13. In my opinion, it's caused by leftover from previous versions, in the registry and file system. I first did disable the license key (note it), then uninstalled using Revo Uninstaller. After rebooting and reinstalling it, I don't have this issue and other issues are also gone. When you first had any previous 3.x version, then you should give this a try. There is no cleanup utility for the new versions, however, Revo Uninstaller does this great as always. Recommending that Uninstaller for every Windows user.
  14. @GMork Im Moment funktioniert die neue Version einwandfrei. Naja, wenn mir irgendetwas nicht passt werde ich MBAM wieder löschen. Nachdem diese Version (v3) erschien und ich mich darĂŒber aufgeregt hatte wurde mir von jemanden eine 2-Jahres key fĂŒr Emsisoft geschenkt Und damit bin ich wirklich wirklich sehr zufrieden. Es funktioniert und es gibt keine bösen Überraschungen. Werde MBAM laufen lassen. Wenn es mich aufregt ist es weg, fĂŒr immer. English: Not as good as my main language, im sorry for any translation failures... At the moment, the now versions
  15. Wow, that's really terrible! I would stop using it since 74c isn't healthy for any portable device... It could melt plastic parts around the CPU But guys, I have good news. Most issues seems to be caused because leftover from previous versions. After I uninstalled with Revo Uninstaller Pro, I don't have major issues anymore with this version. Couldn't believe this. The scan does finish and the notifications gives out information's as it should. May a Malwarebytes staff member create a *.reg file or a *.bat script to get rid of remaining registry entries and files? You should
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